An "Outside The Box" Way To Get An Extra 108,160 Hits A Year

Written by Ronald Gibson

Copyright 2005 Ronald Gibson

As webmasters, we are always looking to boost link popularity and get extra traffic to our websites. Here is an "outsiderepparttar box" method that will accomplish both of those goals atrepparttar 150340 same time.

Most of you have seen those little award graphics on web sites. I know that I have seen a few of them. They are given torepparttar 150341 web site by another web site or award association to rewardrepparttar 150342 web site for a specific reason. They usually link right torepparttar 150343 site that has givenrepparttar 150344 award.

These award sites are drawing tons of traffic to their own web site. The reason is because allrepparttar 150345 web sites who getrepparttar 150346 awards are linking right back to them by postingrepparttar 150347 award on their web site.

What is stopping you from offering other awards to other web sites? You could design a graphic forrepparttar 150348 award. The graphic could include something that will draw them to your web site. Have an online form at your web site so other people can enter to qualify forrepparttar 150349 award. You then judge allrepparttar 150350 entrees and pick a winner. You give themrepparttar 150351 award graphic with a link included. They post it on their web site and now they're linking your web site.

Why a Newsletter Will Help Your Home Based Business

Written by Paul Jesse

Copyright 2005 Paul Jesse

Web site traffic is a huge concern among home based business owners working online becauserepparttar competition is stiff and it is a huge effort to get your web site noticed amongrepparttar 150211 thousands of others. However, there are many tricks you can do to differentiate your web site and set it apart from others. One such thing is providing a newsletter to subscribers.

When it comes to newsletters, to begin with you will need to have a reason why people will want to sign up. Most ofrepparttar 150212 time people are not out searching for a bunch of newsletters to subscribe to, but forrepparttar 150213 right reason they will. For example, if you provide access to a business toolkit, e-book, free gift, or some other equally tempting award, people will sign up to receiverepparttar 150214 newsletter. Now, here isrepparttar 150215 key, once you have people signed up you want them to stay signed up and not only receiverepparttar 150216 newsletter but also read it. So, once people begin signing up you will need to make surerepparttar 150217 newsletter is professional and provides helpful and relevant information for your particular market. If you are providing this information people will continue reading it and tell their friends about it, if not they will hitrepparttar 150218 unsubscribe button and you will lose a potential customer. Although setting up a newsletter might sound difficult to you, it really is not and is something you can do in a couple hours every week as long as you have decent writing skills. Make sure you cover hot topics, give advice, and use customer questions about your product, market andrepparttar 150219 like to make uprepparttar 150220 newsletter.

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