An Open Letter To The People of Afghanistan and Iraq

Written by Ed Howes

Take hope all you people! Your great suffering has not been in vain. Many alive today will live to seerepparttar fulfillment of end time prophecies. That is,repparttar 132520 end ofrepparttar 132521 Old World Order, which has oppressed allrepparttar 132522 people ofrepparttar 132523 world, even as it has rewarded its faithful servants.

Osama Bin Laden began this work with his war onrepparttar 132524 West, which isrepparttar 132525 stronghold of Mystery Babylonrepparttar 132526 Great, described inrepparttar 132527 last book ofrepparttar 132528 Christian Bible. Although Osama only succeeded in destroyingrepparttar 132529 main symbols of Babylonian power, so far;repparttar 132530 economic damages mounts daily and with no further help, Babylon will fall andrepparttar 132531 merchants will weep.

Inrepparttar 132532 eighteenth Chapter ofrepparttar 132533 Book of Revelation, is publishedrepparttar 132534 Babylonian value system. Gold, silver and precious stones arerepparttar 132535 most valuable things onrepparttar 132536 list of merchandise. Slaves and souls arerepparttar 132537 least valuable things. The whole world would rebel against such a value system if they only recognized it and how it operates. It operates throughrepparttar 132538 usury banking forbidden byrepparttar 132539 Bible andrepparttar 132540 Quran. It rulesrepparttar 132541 greatest andrepparttar 132542 least. It holdsrepparttar 132543 world in debt bondage. It makes slaves of all, including those who proclaim themselves free.

If you must bank, outlaw usury banking and perfect Islamic banking. This isrepparttar 132544 single greatest key to prosperity. Economic justice is unknown to most outside of Islam. The prosperity Islamic banking can generate will quickly overtakerepparttar 132545 decadence and corruption ofrepparttar 132546 now failing usury bondage. Islamic banking is a power such as can moverepparttar 132547 least valuable items ofrepparttar 132548 Babylonian value system torepparttar 132549 very top ofrepparttar 132550 list, as our Creator desires.

Forget allrepparttar 132551 talk about democracy. It isrepparttar 132552 most temporary and unstable of any form of government. It will always become something unintended, in a very short time. The democracy that gained America's independence from Britain in 1776, disappeared by 1788. By that time, American autocrats - property owners, created a government ofrepparttar 132553 people byrepparttar 132554 autocrats, forrepparttar 132555 autocrats. Overrepparttar 132556 past two hundred years their power has become absolute overrepparttar 132557 people, who are made to believe they live in a democracy. They vote in so called free elections of autocrat candidates. They think that makes them free and will make you free too. Fighting unwinable wars on drugs, poverty and terrorists is their duty. You know better, don't you? We inrepparttar 132558 West so love to be deceived, we hire professional deceivers to deceive us. Choose another path for yourselves! Choose truth when you can find it!

Are you tired of strong man governors (warlords)? You now have an opportunity to choose wise men or women governors. You have always had this opportunity but did not know it. The second book ofrepparttar 132559 Hebrew and Christian Bible shows us all a simple, effective system of organizing ourselves against all forms of tyranny. It is ignored byrepparttar 132560 modern world. It is a pure, representative and republican system of organization. It works for neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, nations, businesses, religions and interest groups of any kind. Instead of having it fastened upon people,repparttar 132561 wise choose it. It is called captains of ten. We chooserepparttar 132562 wisest of each ten people to berepparttar 132563 captain. The captain settles disputes and arguments among neighbors, like a judge. Let him or her be wise and holy.

This is not very different fromrepparttar 132564 organization of Al Qaeda. It should be clear torepparttar 132565 world how well it works. Captains of ten choose among themselves a captain of one hundred. Captains of one hundred choose a captain of one thousand. In this way,repparttar 132566 people allowrepparttar 132567 wisest among them to chooserepparttar 132568 wisest ofrepparttar 132569 wise andrepparttar 132570 organization will be wise.

Popular Misconceptions Regarding Translation and Interpreting

Written by James B. Wilson

It is often thought an interpeter's only job is to repeat what he hears in one language in another, and that no thought

process is involved.

Nothing could be further fromrepparttar truth. Often,repparttar 132519 terms "translation" and "interpreting" are used interchangeably.

Ofrepparttar 132520 two, "translation" seems to berepparttar 132521 most commonly used word. "Interpreter" is avoided, because oftenrepparttar 132522

language facilitator is not expected to "interpret" what is being said. Yet often without interpretation, Japanese is

virtually impossible to translate.

Many customary Japanese words and phrases have no logical equivalents in English, and most translators/

interpreters come to grief inrepparttar 132523 vain attempt to faithfully conveyrepparttar 132524 original words, vs.repparttar 132525 meanings of what a

person is trying to express throughrepparttar 132526 spoken or written word.

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