An Online Business, Do I or Don't I?

Written by Gary E Layton

Do I or Don't I? That is a question many of us ask when it comes to starting up or joining an online business. Most of us have heard ofrepparttar vast amounts of money generated throughrepparttar 117635 Internet but how many of us personally know anyone who has done it. Ten to one you know someone who has tried it and lost their shirt doing it. Why do you suppose that these failures occur?

Let's talk about it.

There are many reasons people fail in an online business, however, there are just as many reasons why some people succeed. The reasons for failure or success are all tied to some basic factors regarding any type of business offline or online.

What are these basic factors?

All businesses are tied to selling either a product or a service. This beingrepparttar 117636 case we can then understandrepparttar 117637 importance of products and services to any business.

What makes a product or service viable is a real or perceived need for them inrepparttar 117638 marketplace.

Next, isrepparttar 117639 product or service ofrepparttar 117640 quality desired to meet repparttar 117641 need?

Then, is it affordable torepparttar 117642 majority of consumers?

Can it be delivered in an easy and timely fashion?

What isrepparttar 117643 competition?

Canrepparttar 117644 product or service be guaranteed torepparttar 117645 satisfaction of repparttar 117646 consumer?

Simple questions right?

Wrong? The answers torepparttar 117647 above questions can consume much money and time to findrepparttar 117648 answers you need. Even then you can never be sure untilrepparttar 117649 product or service is offered to repparttar 117650 consumers and they open their wallets and then buyrepparttar 117651 product or service.

Either they sell or they don't. That'srepparttar 117652 final results.

So what does this all mean?

Basically it means that you can haverepparttar 117653 most attractive, useful and affordable products and services available but they must still be sold.

What can we do?

I reckon we better look at how we can our sell our products and services.

What do we look at?

Well, first of all we must learn thatrepparttar 117654 basics of marketing apply to all types of offline and online businesses. Because we are talking primarily of an online business here that is where we will concentrate our efforts.

I'm sure we are all familiar withrepparttar 117655 marketing principles of time utility, location, inventory, transportation and ease of payment, promotion, advertisement and warranty.

What does this mean torepparttar 117656 online marketer?

First of all an online marketer does not normally need to worry about buying, leasing or renting a business location or store. Nor do we need to worry about inventories orrepparttar 117657 physical shipping of products. The exception of course being on online Mart or Shopping Service. Even thenrepparttar 117658 marketer does not normally become involved inrepparttar 117659 physical shipping of goods.

So where does that take us?

It takes us torepparttar 117660 product or service itself andrepparttar 117661 promotional and advertising aspects of marketing that should concern usrepparttar 117662 most.

We must also considerrepparttar 117663 consumer payment system andrepparttar 117664 warranties we must provide, however, these last two factors are easily solved and of no great concern to this conversation.

So, where does that leave us?

It leaves us withrepparttar 117665 very basic problems ofrepparttar 117666 quality and need for our products or services and how can we best sell them to consumers.

Well, first of all we facerepparttar 117667 problem of choosing a theme portraying our business torepparttar 117668 consumers in such a way as to gain their confidence that we are a legitimate enterprise and will produce what we promise.

The theme you choose isrepparttar 117669 image you wish to portray torepparttar 117670 consumer that reinforcesrepparttar 117671 need that is out there and actually buildsrepparttar 117672 interest to read your advertisements and purchase your products or services.

The Four Greatest Fears of Starting Your Own Business

Written by Leonard W. Clements

Way back inrepparttar last century (1991, actually) a survey was conducted by my research firm, MarketWave, Inc., of over 6,000 people who were not, nor had ever been, business owners.

The question was a simple one: If all obstacles were removed, would you like to own your own business?

In other words, if what ever was stopping you from starting a business didn't exist, would you at least attempt it? Basically, would you prefer to be an entrepreneur, or an employee?

Eighty five percent said "Yes, they'd prefer to work for themselves". Which means 15% misunderstoodrepparttar 117634 question onrepparttar 117635 survey. After all, if what ever concerned you enough to not attempt a business venture didn't exist, then you'd have no fear of doing so.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be in control of their own life? To haverepparttar 117636 freedom to make their own decisions, work their own hours, and write their own pay check?

Even usingrepparttar 117637 conservative 85% figure, that would mean about 200 million Americans want to start their own business, but have never even attempted it! There must be some pretty compelling reasons, we thought, so we set out to find out what they were. To no one's surprise, it was never about preferring to work for someone else's business, but ratherrepparttar 117638 incapacitating fear of starting their own.

And it wasrepparttar 117639 same four fears, every single time. It takes too much money. They didn't have tens-of-thousands, or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to invest in a business (and they didn't know anyone else who did).

It takes too much time. They didn't want to work 80 hours a week forrepparttar 117640 first year or two to get their business going. There's too much risk. Over 56% of all businesses fail inrepparttar 117641 first two years, and they'd have to quit their job, so there was no safety net.

They didn't know how. They'd never taken any business courses. They had no business experience. They don't know anything about taxes, accounting, marketing, and they myriad other skills a good entrepreneur must possess.

Not all responded with all four objections, although most responded with more than one. Surprisingly, "I don't know how" wasrepparttar 117642 most common response. A lot of folks said they wished they had takenrepparttar 117643 plunge earlier in their lives, but they just weren'trepparttar 117644 Mavericks they once were. They had a mortgage to pay and a family to feed. They felt is was - too late.

Now comesrepparttar 117645 fun part.

Would you ever consider going into business for yourself if; repparttar 117646 total start up costs were under $500,repparttar 117647 total time investment could be as little as 5-15 hours a week, you could continue to work in your present job untilrepparttar 117648 income from your business was sufficient to earn you at least an equal income, so there is little risk, and best of all, there were numerous consultants available to you who are experts at running this business, who would train and advise you personally, for an unlimited number of hours, forrepparttar 117649 entire life of your business, absolutely free!

Not only that, but there is another company that will take care of all your research and development, labeling, inventory, shipping, payroll, payroll and sales taxes, most legal questions, and so on. And, this company will do this for you every month, forrepparttar 117650 life of your business, for around, oh, $25.00 a year?

Right now, your probably rememberingrepparttar 117651 old adage "If it sounds too good to be true..." Fine. But, hypothetically, would you consider it if all this were true? "Well, sure..." you're probably thinking, "...but there's got to be a catch." Not only is there no catch, I didn't even hyperepparttar 117652 pitch by one iota. These are exactlyrepparttar 117653 conditions in which thousands of successful network marketing ventures have begun.

Sure, some overly zealous networkers may tell you how rich you're going to get, how easy it is, and how fast it will happen. Please note, I didn't say that!

Network marketing is a serious business, no less than any other you might consider earning your living at forrepparttar 117654 rest of your life. The reality is, network marketing is hard work, it takes time, and you'll probably lose some money inrepparttar 117655 beginning.

The difference is, most ofrepparttar 117656 hardest work is done by someone else, your work is done when you choose to do it, it typically takes a few months to turn a profit (some accomplish this in repparttar 117657 first month) rather than a few years, and what amount you might lose at first has one, two, maybe even three fewer digits compared torepparttar 117658 start up losses of most conventional businesses. Yet, you can still reaprepparttar 117659 tax benefits of operating your own business, and you have just as much, if not more income potential as most conventional businesses!

Imagine becoming financially independent in one to three years without having to spend thousands of dollars each month, without having to work long hours seven days a week, without even having to quit your job duringrepparttar 117660 development stage, and without having to get a business degree, or hire someone who has one?

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