An Obstacle to Success

Written by Myrtis Smith

Whether you are starting a business, changing careers, or heading off on an adventure, it is natural for a little self-doubt to creep in. Do I really have what it takes to do this? Will people take me seriously? What will happen if I fail? Self-doubt can be difficult to overcome. It is quite possiblyrepparttar biggest obstacle that individuals must conquer in order to be successful. The world is missing out on many great inventions, talented art, and critical businesses because of self-doubt. People question their knowledge and ability torepparttar 123914 point where they would rather do nothing than to take a chance. But inrepparttar 123915 words of Mark Twain: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed byrepparttar 123916 things that you didn't do than byrepparttar 123917 ones you did do. Sail away fromrepparttar 123918 safe harbor. Catchrepparttar 123919 trade winds in our sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

If you find your own self-doubt hindering your personal progress, try these tips:

1. Listen torepparttar 123920 people around you. Most of us have friends and loved ones that we can count on to give us honest feedback. Ask those people to tell you what they think are your strengths and talents. You will surely get a laundry list of things that prove you are more than competent enough to pursuerepparttar 123921 task at hand. But here's a tip: Ifrepparttar 123922 people around you can't give you those motivating messages, that's probably one source of your problem; you need to upgrade your associations and surround yourself with more positive, supportive people.

2. Review your track record. Look back on major accomplishments in your past. Recognize what it took for you to make those things happen and remember how it felt to achieve a goal. One of my greatest memories is fromrepparttar 123923 summer that I completed a 3-day 60-mile walk for breast cancer. I had sprained my ankle during training and it never healed properly. When I think back on that experience I remember my commitment to train every day and my determination to completerepparttar 123924 final day even though I was limping most ofrepparttar 123925 way. But most of all I remember how good it felt to crossrepparttar 123926 finish line. I am able to use that experience to push me through many difficulties that I encounter today in building my coaching practice.


Written by Lisa van den Berg

Have you ever talked to someone about your favorite hobby?

The words just come tumbling out, donít they?

You know - about how to do a double axel orrepparttar secret of paintingrepparttar 123913 modelrepparttar 123914 EXACT color ofrepparttar 123915 original or what a beautiful bluerepparttar 123916 flower is. Your enthusiasm and love ofrepparttar 123917 subject shows right through and infects repparttar 123918 other person.

You find that you know a lot aboutrepparttar 123919 subject because itís so interesting to you. I mean, no one can ask you a question that you donít knowrepparttar 123920 answer to and you know allrepparttar 123921 best techniques to catch allrepparttar 123922 fish as well asrepparttar 123923 winners of allrepparttar 123924 grand slams forrepparttar 123925 past 50 years.

When we find a subject interesting, we tend to absorb information about it like a sponge. We find every aspect fascinating and love to know every little detail.

Now look atrepparttar 123926 way you feel when you have all that knowledge.

You feel confident, able to hold your own, proud, interested and sure of yourself.

Well, why not try to feel this way aboutrepparttar 123927 work you do, as well? Think of how much better youíd feel if you knew repparttar 123928 answer to almost any question that your workmates could ask? The boost to your self-confidence would be tremendous.

When you go into a meeting and youíre well prepared, you can answer almost any (if not all)repparttar 123929 questions put to you.

It makes you feel good, raises your colleagues opinion of you, solves problems, allows you to think of different solutions to old problems and makes you interested in what youíre doing.

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