An Italian lifestyle project

Written by Iris Ceramica

Atrepparttar 44th Salone del Mobile in Milan,repparttar 140645 most important home and contract furnishings trade fair inrepparttar 140646 world, designers Ludovica+Roberto Palomba createdrepparttar 140647 "Earth and Fire" installation for Iris Ceramica.

This Italian lifestyle project, underlined byrepparttar 140648 aroma of espresso coffee, is divided into three thematic areas showing different ways of renderingrepparttar 140649 multifaceted personality of today's ceramic tiles, an irreplaceable part of home decor.

The setting is decidedly unusual:repparttar 140650 space, occupied by a mechanical workshop forrepparttar 140651 rest ofrepparttar 140652 year, features a barrel-vaulted gallery facingrepparttar 140653 entrance courtyard.

Natural light coming throughrepparttar 140654 glass roof lights up gallery, enhancingrepparttar 140655 fascination ofrepparttar 140656 colours of Pietra Forte from Florence recreated in full-bodied porcelain tile (26"x13" square, fromrepparttar 140657 Format collection).

The two designers had fun withrepparttar 140658 modular formats ofrepparttar 140659 stone: almost as if trying to escaperepparttar 140660 classic right angles of ceramic tile layout patterns, they created a wave that rises uprepparttar 140661 back wall in a gradation of strips. Tall lights of light canvas, simple and comfortable garden furniture and fresh herbal scents completerepparttar 140662 natural scene.

The Awnings can be made with transparent plastics

Written by Carlos Mello

The Awnings can be made with transparent plastics

By Carlos Mello

The Awning crystal, known as " transparent " curtain, it is indicated for closing of atmospheres that need to protect againstrepparttar cold,repparttar 140550 wind andrepparttar 140551 moderate rain, without losingrepparttar 140552 visibility, because their main characteristic isrepparttar 140553 transparency.

The awning crystal doesn't haverepparttar 140554 internal plot, therefore their mechanics qualities are limited and inferior torepparttar 140555 one ofrepparttar 140556 canvas of PVC. If be picked up wet and stay closed for some time,repparttar 140557 water doesn't evaporate and " penetrates " inrepparttar 140558 crystal, leaving it with a characteristic " milk ".

This problem will disappears completely after some time open " taking sun ".

The manufacturing ofrepparttar 140559 awning crystal is in two ways:

Horizontal welds:

Less numbers of welds, however can have shrink inrepparttar 140560 width after some weeks, becauserepparttar 140561 product doesn't possessrepparttar 140562 internal plot. Due torepparttar 140563 static energy generated byrepparttar 140564 attrition inrepparttar 140565 rolling up andrepparttar 140566 extremely flat surface,repparttar 140567 awning Crystal " glues " if it is coiled for several hours.

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