An Introduction to HD-DVD

Written by Chuck Red

High density digital versatile disc is a digital optical media format which is being developed. HD DVD is similar torepparttar competing Blu-ray Disc. It is currently in a format war withrepparttar 143418 Blu ray disc proposed byrepparttar 143419 Blu ray disc association.

HD DVD has a single layer capacity of 15GB and a double layer capacity of 30GB. The surface layer is 0.6mm thick which isrepparttar 143420 same thickness of surface layer as standard DVDs.

HD DVD media is less expensive to manufacture than Blu ray discs which require re-tooling of DVD production lines. Another advantage over Blu ray isrepparttar 143421 common disc structure with DVDs which therefore allows for full backwards compatibility of HD DVD drives which will be able to play both DVDs and CDs. However it is now likely that Blu ray drives will be backwards compatible with DVDs.

HD DVD providesrepparttar 143422 large capacity storage needed for all sorts of recorded content, including high definition movies and music as well as computer data and files.

5 Mac Security Tips You Canít Live Without

Written by Paulo Fretowski

So, youíve bought a new Macintosh, and now you may be wondering how to make it safer. There are several things that you can do which will protect your Mac from viruses and hackers. Macs are already very difficult to hack, but donít let that fact allow you to become lenient with your security.

1. Download all ofrepparttar software updates available. This seems like a no-brainer, but some Mac users forget to downloadrepparttar 143382 newest updates. You can even set your computer to automatically download new updates. However, some dial-up users encounter trouble when trying to downloaded updates. If you are a dial-up user,repparttar 143383 best suggestion is to leave your Mac on overnight and let it download. Apple releases many programs that fix bugs in iLife applications, and in Mac OS X. Probablyrepparttar 143384 most important of these updates arerepparttar 143385 security updates. Apple periodically offers security updates for its operating systems (Panther and Tiger).

2. Be careful what you download. Some people use P2P downloads for Macintosh (I.E. Poisoned). Be careful when downloading using a P2P because you do not know whererepparttar 143386 music or file is coming from. Some P2P users specifically make corrupted files to send via music downloading programs. Generally, it is a good idea to stick to iTunes, because those files are ACC Protected and offered through Apple so they certainly wonít have viruses.

3. Chooserepparttar 143387 best and safest Internet Browser. Safari comes standard on all new Macs as part of iLife. However, some people do not enjoy Safari as much as others. Some say that Safari is not as safe from hackers as other browsers. Safari can also be a problem if you are going to a web page that requires a version of Internet Explorer or Netscape to view it. You can download Internet Explorer and Netscape for Mac, but again, some believe that these browsers are not as safe from hackers. Many people believe that Mozilla Firefox (my personal favorite) isrepparttar 143388 safest browser to use because of its customizable features. Firefox is available for downloading onrepparttar 143389 Macintosh.

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