An Introduction to Cigars Today

Written by Eddie Tobey

Despite their similarities to cigarettes, cigars have long possessed a much more sophisticated persona. Though they have often been portrayed as accessories ofrepparttar rich and powerful in years past, cigars have seen a much broader degree of mainstream popularity recently. Magazines like Cigar Aficionado extolrepparttar 149308 joys of cigar smoking, andrepparttar 149309 whole array of elegant humidors (used for storage,) boxes, lighters and other related products available to cigar smokers exude a distinctive style or persona.

The humidor,repparttar 149310 most well known cigar accessory, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. In addition, one can find many other boxes, display cases, lighters, cutters and cigar-related gifts available at local stores or online retailers. Websites like Cigarworld can direct you to a local outlet that will serve all your needs.

Despite a remaining stigma regarding their legality, Cuban cigars still count themselves amongrepparttar 149311 most highly regarded and sought after brands. Due to their superior taste and quality, and also because ofrepparttar 149312 geographical obstacles to obtaining them, they have traditionally been difficult to buy and very expensive once located. Fortunately, recent relaxations of various U.S. sanctions regardingrepparttar 149313 importation of Cuban Cigars has made their availability to American buyers much more common.

How To Play Guitar Like a Pro!

Written by John Bilderbeck

Having taughtrepparttar guitar for many years, I seerepparttar 149267 majority of beginners experiencingrepparttar 149268 same problems and makingrepparttar 149269 same mistakes over and over again in their quest to learn how to play guitar. It's my job to steer them through these problem areas.

These "mistakes" are basic errors that most beginners naturally tend to make. But these mistakes can cause major problems if you allow them to become habits in your playing. Unfortunately, 90% of guitarists have done just that!

Avoid These 3 Mistakes Like The plague

The three main mistakes MOST people make when learning how to play guitar are:

1: Trying to play too fast too soon.

Don't be in such a rush. Trying to go too fast too soon causes serious problems. Sloppy playing and mistakes will become your trademark.

Learn to practice slowly and perfectly. The reason for this, is, what you program your brain and fingers with while practicing, is what you'll get as a habitual and subconscious end result.

The GIGO computer term describes it best. Garbage In = Garbage Out. If you program a computer with faulty data, your results will be faulty too. It's exactlyrepparttar 149270 same with learning how to play guitar.

So practice everything very slowly and perfectly. Do this, and your playing will be to a higher standard than 90% of all other guitarists. Yes - even those that have been playing for years!

2: Too much body and hand tension.

Have you ever noticed howrepparttar 149271 top professionals make it all look so easy and effortless? How relaxed they are?

Take a lesson from that.

When learning how to play guitar, and in all practice sessions, you need to be as relaxed as possible at all times.

Unnecessary tension anywhere inrepparttar 149272 body when playing will stop you like a brick wall. Any "excess" tension in your fingers, hands, arms, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, chest, stomach, thighs, legs is extremely hazardous to learning how to play guitar properly.

Practicingrepparttar 149273 right things inrepparttar 149274 right way will give you amazing results - even if you practice only 10 - 20 minutes a day.

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