An Informational Website Provides the Ultimate Flexibility When You Are Ready to Create a Domain Name

Written by Syd Johnson

Content is King If you provide great content online users will make sure that they can find your website. You can create a domain with hyphens, longer phrases and words. You donít want to userepparttar 67 character maximum allowed for domain names, but 15 plus characters is totally acceptable.

To make your domain name memorable, it should be a short phrase that describes your website, your products or your particular area of expertise. If you provide reliable, accurate information, web users can use bookmarks or typerepparttar 108245 phrase directly into a search engine to get back to your site. This means that you will have to really focus on getting your domain name listed on as many search engines and directories as possible.

Yes, You Can Use Hyphens in Your Domain Name: It Makes Them Easy to Read.

Written by Syd Johnson

Most ofrepparttar desirable one-word, two-word, and three-word dot com domains are taken. However, if add plurals and hyphenated terms, there is still some gold left inrepparttar 108244 domain name game. If you find that you need or want to use a phrase or a compound word with two or more words strung together, you can use hyphens. All ofrepparttar 108245 search engine robots read a hyphen as a blank space so you donít gain or lose anything when you use hyphenated words.

The most important reason for using hyphens is readability. Your keywords are ranked by robots. Your website is read by human beings. If your domain name is, it would be much easier to read it as

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