An Indian

Written by Kedar Joshi

An Average Indian is

Emotional, Sensitive, Kind, Broad Minded, Spiritual, Poor, Innocent, Racist, Class conscious, A mathematician, A philosopher, Brown, A slave, Forgiving, ill-mannered, A great cook, A singer, A musician, Semi-Literate, Jealous, Religious, Friendly, Welcoming, Open, A film maker, Film lover, Loving, Caring, Hypocritical, Straight, Cynical, Homely, Negligent, Rough, Impractical, Crazy, Fashionable, Disgusting, Judgmental, Tolerant, Impatient, Cheerful, Passionate, A thief, Prejudiced, Dishonest, A good neighbour, Romantic, Faithful, Uncritical, Unhealthy, A good listener, A freedom fighter, Materialistic, Weak, Undisciplined,

X-Files Stuff in the News!

Written by Doug Bower

I have always loved science fiction. I always have and always will. However, I do possess, most ofrepparttar time, a solid enough grip on reality to let go of my sci-fi love when I putrepparttar 139132 book down or leaverepparttar 139133 movie theater.

I mean, I would love for halfrepparttar 139134 stuff I see in sci-fi to be true right now. You know what I am talking about, don't you? I would love to be able to zoom through "Spacerepparttar 139135 Final Frontier" inrepparttar 139136 comforts ofrepparttar 139137 Starship Enterprise sipping margaritas with Jean-Luc Picard while watchingrepparttar 139138 stars fly by. Maybe that babe, Counselor Troi, could join us.

Yes, I can tellrepparttar 139139 difference between truth and reality (sort of). It's fun to pretend but I know whenrepparttar 139140 pretense stops—or do I?

Another kind of sci-fi onrepparttar 139141 caliber ofrepparttar 139142 "X-files" has been going on lately and I want to know just what inrepparttar 139143 name of Agent Mulder is going on?

I wrote a week or two ago aboutrepparttar 139144 exploding toads of Germany.

"I cannot get out of my mindrepparttar 139145 exploding toad phenomenon reported inrepparttar 139146 Altona district of Hamburg, Germany. This was taking place atrepparttar 139147 end of April 2005, causing a ghoulish and macabre mess that confusedrepparttar 139148 hell out of scientists. They had taken to callingrepparttar 139149 districtrepparttar 139150 "pond of death".

They think they may have solved this little grotesqueness withrepparttar 139151 explanation of some peckish toad-liver-stealing crows. I don't buy that at all.

On May 18th, a report appeared inrepparttar 139152 Associated Press about a scene right out of Hitchcock's "The Birds" occurred in Houston.

Apparently, some rather miffed Grackles (a large and loud crow-like bird) have gotten it into their little pea-sized birdbrains to attackrepparttar 139153 good citizens of Houston. These attacks have become so vicious that people are being injured.

"The grackles zeroed in on a lawyer who shooed a bird away before he tripped and injured his face, Jue said. The lawyer was treated for several cuts." [1] Can you believe this?

One woman was knocked torepparttar 139154 ground, according torepparttar 139155 article, and had to be helped up by two men who were also attacked. All three had to flee into a nearby building to escaperepparttar 139156 Grackle attack.

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