An Explanation of Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plans

Written by Clay Mabbitt

Whilerepparttar vast majority of affiliate programs have compensation plans as straightforward as a flat commission on all referred sales,repparttar 102401 occasional affiliate marketing program will seem like a twisting maze of conditions and requirements than leaves you scratching your head and wondering what terms like forced matrix, stairstep breakaway, and override commission really mean. Sometimes it's tempting to ignorerepparttar 102402 details of these complex compensation plans and trust that promoting your affiliate link as much as you can will make you rich. The truth is, though, that while it isn't impossible to earn a decent living without a complete understanding of howrepparttar 102403 money is coming in, a thorough understanding ofrepparttar 102404 mechanics of your compensation plan will reveal where to direct your effort to realizerepparttar 102405 most profit forrepparttar 102406 time you invest in your online business.

Unilevel A unilevel plan is one ofrepparttar 102407 easiest compensation plans to understand. When you introduce a new affiliate torepparttar 102408 program, they become your direct referral, or sub-affiliate. There is no limit torepparttar 102409 number of sub-affiliates you can have. In addition torepparttar 102410 commission you earn on your personal sales, some programs will pay you a (usually smaller) commission onrepparttar 102411 sales of your direct referrals, often called a second-level or second-tier commission. If your direct referrals also introduce new affiliates torepparttar 102412 program and you earn a commission on their sales, a third-tier commission is being paid. Theoretically, there is no limit torepparttar 102413 number of levels a compensation program could pay you on, but in practice most online affiliate programs only pay a commission on one or two tiers. This is largely to separate affiliate programs fromrepparttar 102414 often-maligned multi-level marketing.

Forced Matrix One ofrepparttar 102415 biggest problems with unilevel plans is that anyone who becomes successful recruiting direct referrals will quickly have too many to communicate with regularly. Since regular interaction with your upline is a key to success for many affiliates, some program managers choose to implement a forced matrix program. In a forced matrix plan there is a set number of direct referrals you may have. If you continue to recruit new affiliates after you have reached that limit, they will "spillover" to become sub-affiliates of your direct referrals. Since you are restricted in how many direct referrals you may have, forced matrix programs generally pay on more tiers than unilevel plans.

One ofrepparttar 102416 goals of a forced matrix is to create an environment in which every new affiliate has a mentor immediately above them withrepparttar 102417 time to offer training and guidance. This is partially successful, but can be disorienting for new affiliates who are recruited in torepparttar 102418 program by someone who has earned their trust only to be handed over to another program member who may or may not maintain that same rapport. A forced matrix plan also produces freeloaders who wait for spillover affiliates and fail to do any recruiting of their own.

How to Stay Focused on Your Home B.usiness Goals

Written by Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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Today's Feature Article:

How to Stay Focused on Your Home B.usiness Goals Copyright Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

When you arerepparttar 102400 owner of a home business, you will find hundreds of distractions that vie for your time, energy and focus.

Common distractions include: children, family, friends, neighbors, pets, phone calls, mail, household chores, video games, television, neighborhood children, visitors, and so many more.

As an owner of a home based business, you must always remember your purpose in bringing your profession home. What was your reason for wanting to own a home business? Was your goal to work from home so that you can share inrepparttar 102401 lives of your children? Was your goal to be out from underrepparttar 102402 rule of a tyrannical boss? Was your goal to haverepparttar 102403 freedom to work when it is convenient for you? Was your goal to make tons of money working for yourself?

Here's a few good tips that will help you stay focused on your home business:

TIP #1: Whatever your reason for going out on your own, you must keep your reason inrepparttar 102404 forefront of your mind. If you forget your reason for starting your own home business, you will not be working for yourself for long. It is far too easy to let circumstance drive your activities --- and when circumstance is inrepparttar 102405 driver's seat, you are more likely to crash and burn.

TIP #2: Remember --- your own business is a lot like a real job. Some people go to work to play, some go to socialize, and others --- most often those who are paid in a commission or tip environment --- go to work to work and to make money. When you work for yourself, your salary is directly proportional to your productivity. Therefore, wouldn't it make sense to stay focused on getting as much done in as short of a period as possible?

Go to work to work and to make money. Leave playtime and recreation for when your workday has ended.

TIP #3: When you are dealing with family inrepparttar 102406 course of your workday, it is important to schedule your activities as much as possible. With small children, you must take time when you must, but you should also work hard to make sure you dedicate a specific number of hours to your workday.

With older children, it is much easier to tell them that you will be working betweenrepparttar 102407 hours of x and y. Your children and your friends must understand that certain hours of your day are devoted torepparttar 102408 activities of your business.

TIP #4: Don't permit your friends and extended family to run over you. Many people getrepparttar 102409 blind idea that if one works from home then they are not actually working.

Well-meaning people may try to fill your doorway to bring advice about getting a real job. Others may simply believe that if you are at home, then you are fair game for chitchat and socialization.

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