An Entrepreneur And A Life To Be Remembered

Written by Tim Knox

I was reminded of my own mortality today. I guess you can say I had a near death experience, thoughrepparttar death I experienced was not my own.

No, I was never in any danger, nor was my life ever threatened. In fact, I was sitting inrepparttar 141739 air conditioned comfort of my home office sipping a nice cup of coffee and watchingrepparttar 141740 dogs run aroundrepparttar 141741 yard whenrepparttar 141742 moment came.

The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Life was going along just fine.

Death wasrepparttar 141743 furthest thing from my mind.

Thenrepparttar 141744 news came that Corey Rudl had been killed in a high speed crash at a race track in California. Atrepparttar 141745 moment of his death atrepparttar 141746 young age of 34, Corey was a passenger in a Porsche that hit a retaining wall at over 100 miles per hour, killing him instantly andrepparttar 141747 driver shortly thereafter. The track had been rented by a local car club so that Corey and his buddies could take their expensive, powerful cars torepparttar 141748 track to see how fast they could go.

Corey died doing what he loved. Those closest to him say he would not have had it any other way.

Corey Rudl was not a professional race car driver. He was an entrepreneur, and one ofrepparttar 141749 best of his breed.

Most of you who read this column probably have no idea who Corey Rudl was or what he accomplished during his short life, and thatís OK. You also have no idea ofrepparttar 141750 imprint he made on me and millions of others who make our living (at least in part) as online marketers. Again, thatís OK. For all his accomplishments, those who knew him well have said that Corey was more concerned about building his businesses than being a public figure. By those accounts, Corey never really cared about being inrepparttar 141751 public limelight, even though he was probablyrepparttar 141752 most visible and successful entrepreneur in his field.

Perhaps thatís why Corey Rudl was so successful. He knew what was really important when it came to building a business. The limelight came easy to him, but his focus always seemed to be on making his business stronger, serving his customers better. He also knew that there was life beyond business, and he pursued that life with a passion and energy that most of us can only imagine.

Corey Rudlís story isrepparttar 141753 classic entrepreneurís tale. He started his business from his kitchen table just a few short years ago selling a homemade booklet he had written on how to getrepparttar 141754 best deal on a new car. From that modest start Corey built an internet marketing empire that has generated $40 million dollars in revenue in just a few years.

Corey wasrepparttar 141755 definitive internet marketing guru. He was young, energetic, and highly passionate about his business and his industry. He wrote and spoke frequently onrepparttar 141756 topics of internet marketing and business success and thatís where he and I briefly crossed paths. We were both expert columnists for and exchanged several polite emails, nothing really personal, mind you, mostly swapping compliments of each others work.

Much of Coreyís time in recent years was spent teaching others how to do what he had done: build a successful online business from scratch. For a man of just 34 years, he packed in decades of expertise and knowledge and he shared it with anyone who would listen, including yours truly.

herbal medicine for DIABETES

Written by GOLDIE

For Salacia Oblonga herb Capsules and Extract Write to Botanika : : : : WWW.SALACIAOBLONGACAPSULES.COM Traditional Indian medicine, herb Salacia oblonga may help treat diabetes Posted By: News-Medical in Medical Study News Published: Tuesday, 8-Feb-2005 Printer Friendly Email to a Friend : : : : Herbs used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels in a manner similar to prescription drugs, a new study reports. Researchers gave extracts ofrepparttar herb Salacia oblonga to 39 healthy adults, andrepparttar 141738 results were promising. The largest dose ofrepparttar 141739 herb extract - 1,000 milligrams - decreased insulin and blood glucose levels by 29 and 23 percent, respectively. : : "These kinds of reductions are similar to what we might see with prescription oral medications for people with diabetes," said Steve Hertzler, a study co-author and an assistant professor of nutrition at Ohio State University. : : Salacia oblonga, which is native to regions of India and Sri Lanka, binds to intestinal enzymes that break down carbohydrates inrepparttar 141740 body. These enzymes, called alpha-glucosidases, turn carbohydrates into glucose,repparttar 141741 sugar that circulates throughoutrepparttar 141742 body. Ifrepparttar 141743 enzyme binds torepparttar 141744 herbal extract rather than to a carbohydrate, then less glucose gets intorepparttar 141745 blood stream, resulting in lowered blood glucose and insulin levels. : : "Lowering blood glucose levels lowersrepparttar 141746 risk of disease-related complications in people with diabetes," Hertzler said. "Also, poor compliance with diabetes medications often hindersrepparttar 141747 effectiveness of these drugs. It may be easier to get someone to take an herb with food or in a beverage, as opposed to a pill." : : The study appears in a recent issue ofrepparttar 141748 Journal ofrepparttar 141749 American Dietetic Association. : : Thirty-nine healthy adults participated in four separate meal tolerance tests. These meals, which were given in beverage form, were spaced three to 14 days apart. Each participant fasted for at least 10 hours before consumingrepparttar 141750 test beverage. : : Participants were asked to drink about two cups' worth ofrepparttar 141751 chilled beverage, which contained zero, 500, 700 or 1,000 milligrams of Salacia oblonga extract. Afterward,repparttar 141752 researchers usedrepparttar 141753 finger-prick method to draw blood samples from each person every 15 to 30 minutes for three hours. These blood samples were used to determine insulin and blood glucose concentrations. The biggest changes in blood glucose and insulin levels usually happen withinrepparttar 141754 first

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