An End to Animal Cruelty...All Things Are Possible With PETA

Written by Dawnell Harrison

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was when Carla Bennett of PETA agreed to do an e-mail interview with me! PETA’s headquarters are located in Norfolk, Virginia and they have offices in several other major cities and countries. PETA was incorporated in 1980 and made national headlines about one year later withrepparttar first-ever conviction of an animal experimenter for cruelty to animals, specifically cruelty to monkeys. (What animal would hurt a monkey?!) PETA then began a series of successful campaigns that ended car manufacturers’ use

Bijar rugs & carpets Exhibition in Seattle March 2004

Written by Ivan Soenderholm

We are planning an Exhibition on Bijar weavings with a focus on Bijar carpets in March 2004 at Turabi Gallery, says Ferdod Haghighi to Jozan Magazine Rugs. We currently have some exceptional pieces which will berepparttar highlight of this exhibition. Right now we are looking for collectors to contribute fine pieces for this exhibition continues Ferdod Haghighi.

The exhibition will be duringrepparttar 125515 same time asrepparttar 125516 ACOR andrepparttar 125517 well known US Kurd collector and scholar Michael Wendorf

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