An Element of Perfidy

Written by David Cooper

In every change of policy there's an element of perfidy. I don't know whether to laugh or sob. There's a fine line between courage and stupidity.

Illinois andrepparttar election were mine in sixty till Daley ordered ballot tampering by his underworld clods. But in every change of policy there's an element of perfidy:

repparttar 150766 gangsters were rewarded with an inquisitor's decree when Jack gave Justice to his brother Bob. There's a fine line between courage and stupidity.

I plannedrepparttar 150767 Cuban invasion meticulously, butrepparttar 150768 new administration botchedrepparttar 150769 job. In every change of policy there's an element of perfidy:

repparttar 150770 president blamedrepparttar 150771 CIA but postponed its demise out of expediency so as not to improverepparttar 150772 Republicans' odds. Inrepparttar 150773 absence of courage what's left is stupidity.

Review: "Midnight" by Mari Adkins

Written by Jason Sizemore

You ever known a person, that at first, you weren't too crazy about, but as time passed andrepparttar more you got to know this person,repparttar 150553 better you liked him? In a strange way, newcomer Mari Adkins's first novel, "Midnight", does just this.

The 325 page novel takes us through a mystical adventure with Samantha "Sami" Clark. Inrepparttar 150554 prologue, she's abused, lonely, and ready to commit suicide. Sami travels to Harlan, Kentucky, a beautiful and quiet Appalachian town nestled nearrepparttar 150555 Cumberland Gap. Here she moves in with Steve Young, a shy and caring friend from years past.

As Sami fights her way out of chronic depression, she meetsrepparttar 150556 mysterious Jeremy. Aloof, but supportive, he guides Sami back to health and assists her in a slow self-discovery process. Vampires are involved, but in a caring, passive (too passive for this reader) fashion. Byrepparttar 150557 end ofrepparttar 150558 novel, Sami is still struggling with her life, but with her new friends and growing powers,repparttar 150559 outlook is definitely positive.

Doesn't sound particularly exciting, right? If you're looking for an action packed, vampire-driven lust and rage filled plot, you're better off sticking with Laurell K. Hamilton or Sherrilyn Kenyon. What "Midnight" does is present an emotionally heartwrenching character study. The reader grows to care about Sami. Author Mari Adkins pulls this off withrepparttar 150560 skill of an experienced novelist. While Sami may cry too often, it still feels 'true'. Her actions arerepparttar 150561 actions of a clinically depressed individual.

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