An Education in Saving on Textbooks

Written by Heather Wallace

Every year students flock torepparttar college bookstore to purchaserepparttar 109334 various textbooks that they require for their classes. Little do these students realize that, in doing so, they are throwing good money away. As unbelievable as it may seem textbooks, in some cases, actually cost as much, if not more, than tuition.

Onrepparttar 109335 surfacerepparttar 109336 college bookstore may seem like a convenient source for textbooks. Titles are usually in-stock and students may purchase new textbooks or opt forrepparttar 109337 cheaper alternative of used books. In truthrepparttar 109338 money saved by purchasing used textbooks fromrepparttar 109339 college bookstore is only a fraction ofrepparttar 109340 amount that students could be saving if they shopped online.

More and more online booksellers have begun selling textbooks at a considerable discount off ofrepparttar 109341 cover price. In fact, many major booksellers now have special areas of their web sites that are devoted to selling nothing but textbooks. Online used bookstores are another source for college books as they stock a large number of textbooks, which means sizable savings for students. There are also web-based retailers whose inventory is entirely devoted to college books.

Students should avoid purchasing their textbooks atrepparttar 109342 first store that they browse. Instead, they should investigaterepparttar 109343 alternatives offered by other online booksellers. Price isn'trepparttar 109344 only factor to consider when making an online purchase. Students should also factor in shipping costs and delivery time when making their buying decision.

Online auctions are another option for students seeking a bargain. This option, however, has its pros and cons. A plus is that students can get incredible bargains when obtaining books via online auctions. One downside is that established retailers have channels in place to ensure that you receive your order within a reasonable amount of time. With an auction purchase, however, you are atrepparttar 109345 mercy ofrepparttar 109346 auction seller's timetable.

Internet Tutorials are the Teachers of the Future

Written by Jesse S. Somer

I know some people don’t even believe thatrepparttar Internet or World Wide Web exists. They think that it is an abstract concept and that if asked to show it to someone they would fail miserably. Well, whether or not it exists I think thatrepparttar 109333 collective consciousness of humanity is evolving everyday because ofrepparttar 109334 sharing of ideas onrepparttar 109335 strange boxes called computers andrepparttar 109336 electronic network that connects them.

Every time I go onrepparttar 109337 Internet these days I am surprised by some new function that it has for our lives. My most recent discovery has been on-line tutorials. Tutorials are websites that have been created to help novices and amateurs alike learn more in their areas of specific interest. Just about any aspect of life seems to have tutorial sites dedicated to it that will teach you want you want to know. Of course some knowledge can cost you money but you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how much information you can get for free.

For example, I am interested in learning about how to playrepparttar 109338 guitar. You should see how many sites are out there, just look up guitar+tutorials on your search engine (E.g.: Google). There’s all sorts of great help from how to change your strings, hold a plectrum properly, and tuning, to learning complex chord scale systems and finger tapping on your electric guitar.

There are often diagrams, photographs, and intensive explanations relating to everything you ever wanted to know. Some sites have video and audio to help driverepparttar 109339 lessons home. Life really has changed. Inrepparttar 109340 past you had to get lessons from a teacher, drive to and from their house or music school, pay high tuition fees, and buy books on chords and songs. Everything is downloadable these days, and a lot of it is free.

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