An Easier Way To Recover Treasure On The Beach

Written by Dean Novosat

treasure hunters know thatrepparttar wet sand atrepparttar 151119 edge ofrepparttar 151120 beach isrepparttar 151121 best place to find valuable treasure. However,repparttar 151122 ocean seems like it always doesn't want to give up this treasure. Inevitably, as soon as we detect a good target, and began to digrepparttar 151123 target,repparttar 151124 water rises making it difficult, if not impossible, to recoverrepparttar 151125 target. Even withrepparttar 151126 best scoops available, it is sometimes very difficult and frustrating to try to recover targets atrepparttar 151127 edge ofrepparttar 151128 surf.

However, there is a simple tool that anyone can make that will make war recovery easier. simply taken old 5 gal. drywall bucket and cut outrepparttar 151129 bottom. also removerepparttar 151130 handle as it is metal and may interfere. String section of rope throughrepparttar 151131 handle holes so you have an easy way to carryrepparttar 151132 bucket. I prefer to carryrepparttar 151133 bucket on my belt.

Cleaning Silk Bouquets In 3 Simple Steps

Written by Peta D'Silva

A Silk bouquet can last a lot longer than a bouquet made of real flowers, but it will still droop, and get dusty, over time. Fortunately a little bit of preventive care can go a long way towards keeping your bouquet looking like new.

It doesn't take long either. 5 minutes spent caring for your bouquet every 3-6 months will keep your bouquet looking as good as it did they day you bought it.

Read on to discoverrepparttar 3 simple steps to keeping your silk bouquet in pristine condition. You'll also discoverrepparttar 150939 one thing you should NEVER do to clean your bouquet. Make this mistake, and you might ruin your bouquet forever!

Step 1: Rice Cleaning

Place your bouquet in a plastic shopping bag, along with half a cup of white rice. Twistrepparttar 150940 bag closed, and then shakerepparttar 150941 bag for about 60 seconds.

The rice inrepparttar 150942 plastic bag will get statically charged, andrepparttar 150943 dust will be attracted torepparttar 150944 rice. Inrepparttar 150945 past, people used salt instead of rice, but salt was found to be too hard, and would scratchrepparttar 150946 flowers. White rice is softer, so it won't damagerepparttar 150947 flowers at all.

Step 2: Fluffing

Once you have cleaned your silk flowers, holdrepparttar 150948 bouquet byrepparttar 150949 handle and then turn it upside down and give it two or three good hard shakes, droppingrepparttar 150950 rice back intorepparttar 150951 bag. This should loosen any rice caught inrepparttar 150952 flowers and also clear away any left over dust. It will also "fluff"repparttar 150953 flowers, and give them back their original shape.

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