An Ear to Hear

Written by Terry Dashner

Ears to Hear…

We are made to hearrepparttar voice of God.

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On December 26, 2004, a tsunami devastated many regions of Asia. Over 30,000 people died in Sri Lanka alone. The total count of dead was over 300,000. Today scientists are working on a warning system that could alert people to safety before another tsunami moves inland. If such a system had been in place on December 26, 2004,repparttar 138315 death count would have been reduced significantly.

Prior warning of imminent disaster is a God send. Additional minutes given inrepparttar 138316 face of impending disaster can shape destinies and preserve lives. A few additional minutes can have eternal repercussions when given to someone before destruction hits. Advanced warning is a good thing.

This brings me to a question: Is it possible for human beings to receive a warning without hearing an external warning device? Can people be warned of impending disaster by some internal sense or intuitive “check” in their inner being? Does this sound absurd? Before you delete this page, listen to this.

On May 12, 2005,repparttar 138317 Russian paper Pravda reported a news article entitled, “Profound knowledge of animal instincts to help humans predict horrible natural disasters.” The article talks aboutrepparttar 138318 movement of animals throughoutrepparttar 138319 regions hit by tsunami, just beforerepparttar 138320 waters poundedrepparttar 138321 inlands. Since ancient times man has been recordingrepparttar 138322 mysterious movements of animals before impending disasters occur. For example, an ancient manuscript dated 2000 years before Christ records weasels suddenly disappearing from their usual habitats in Crete shortly before a very powerful earthquake rockedrepparttar 138323 island.

In 1975 snakes suddenly appeared onrepparttar 138324 surface ofrepparttar 138325 ground inrepparttar 138326 dead of winter in China. The local authorities treated such phenomena as a harbinger of a coming earthquake. As it turned out, a mammoth earthquake, measuring 7.3 onrepparttar 138327 Richter scale rockedrepparttar 138328 area. Many lives were spared because they had evacuated their homes earlier. During WWII, London residents paid attention to cats and dogs’ behavior before air raids. Their unusual behavior served as prior warning that German bombers were coming.

Eye witness accounts reported seeingrepparttar 138329 following, just beforerepparttar 138330 2004 tsunami hit: In India, large flocks of antelopes began fleeingrepparttar 138331 coastal areas towardsrepparttar 138332 nearest hills. Elephants were reported as trumpeting, breaking chains and escaping inland in Thailand. Flamingos were seen leavingrepparttar 138333 lowlands, flying inrepparttar 138334 direction of mountainous areas. Employees of a Malaysian zoo noticed that all animals had a very strange way of behavior—the majority of zoo animals hid in their shelters and refused to go out. Whilerepparttar 138335 tsunami disaster killed over 30,000 in Sri Lanka, almost allrepparttar 138336 local elephants, deer and other wild animals survivedrepparttar 138337 monstrous attack of tidal waves. Only one wild boar of 2,000 animals of an Indian reserve was killed inrepparttar 138338 2004 tsunami disaster,repparttar 138339 Pravda article reports.

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