An Apple A Day....

Written by Dave Cole

John Chapman was a man who saw opportunity when everyone else saw garbage.

Chapman had a vision, a tremendous vision for his future andrepparttar future of his country. That vision destined him to become an American folk hero.

He developed a business plan for his vision which included learning everything he could about his business, paying attention

to details, askingrepparttar 124094 local markets about their opinions, and making adjustments alongrepparttar 124095 way.

Inrepparttar 124096 early 1800's, John "Appleseed" Chapman would visit cider mills and spend entire days running his hands throughrepparttar 124097 garbage picking out tiny apple seeds one by one.

It was dirty, dull work. But to Johnny Appleseed, those tiny seeds were as precious as rubies. His idea was to take those seeds, plant them, then sellrepparttar 124098 apple trees to settlers as they moved westward.

Chapman made himself a student of nature. He learned whererepparttar 124099 best soil was for planting. He learned his market by becoming friends withrepparttar 124100 local folks and takingrepparttar 124101 time to have them develop a trust in him.

Atrepparttar 124102 timerepparttar 124103 law required each settler to plant 50 apple trees on their plot of ground. Asrepparttar 124104 settlers moved further West, Appleseed kept ahead of them planting more and more seeds.

His business thrived as settlers were more than happy to pay Johnny for his pre-started seedlings. Byrepparttar 124105 end of his life, Chapman had planted hundreds of orchards on thousands of acres acrossrepparttar 124106 American Northwest territory.

Do You Believe That You Can?

Written by Deborah Brown

Or, allrepparttar reasons why you cannot? Do you want to think differently, but are unsure how? Would you like to look at your life and say yes instead of no?

The path to believing that you can starts with your thoughts, and your thoughts can be shifted. Your life can go exactly as you desire. You just have to believe it first.

So, How Do You Believe That You Can? Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Acknowledge That You Think You Cannot.

You might as well admit it. Denial will only make it worse. Once you accept both sides of your thoughts (the good andrepparttar 124093 bad), then you do not have to hide anymore.

2. Realize That You Cannot Because You Have Been Saying You Cannot.

Your words have more power than you realize, and they do influence your actions. If you are unable to find a new job, a new relationship, or a new place to live, it may be what you are saying to yourself. Tell yourself that you can. (What do you have to lose?) Try it, and see what happens.

3. Accept That Reaching Your Dream May Not Be The Answer.

What if you reach your dream only to find out that it is still not "it?" What will you do next? At least with a dream, it is something that will happen some day inrepparttar 124094 future. You cannot fail at a dream that has not happened yet. Instead of worrying that it will not work out, how about going for it? You can always tweak it when you get there. At least you will be closer to what makes you happy. Isn't this worthrepparttar 124095 risk?

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