An Amazing Statistic

Written by JR Rogers

No Symptoms but Trouble onrepparttar Horizon I was reading a bookrepparttar 141617 other day about hip dysplasia in dogs. Before going further, I should add that this applies to cats as well. The article was written by a veterinarian and it had something very important to say about this painful condition.

An incredible 65-70% of young puppies display hip dysplasia when screened with an X-ray. That includes young pups that are not demonstrating symptoms; with no lameness or other symptoms of pain that would be visible.

Now, this number is staggering when you consider that this veterinarian was talking about puppies less than one year old.

What is Hip Dysplasia? Hip dysplasia is basically a "ball and socket" kind of condition. In short,repparttar 141618 joint does not fit right or it "pops" out of line. A cat or a dog may be born with this condition; or, it may result from activity and stress. Veterinarians face several different scenarios here. As I have said in previous articles this is a condition that larger breed dogs are prone to developing. However, this veterinarian was describing all young puppies he had studied.

The more fundamental question is this. If young animals have this condition, it generally worsens. Even though they are not demonstrating symptoms this early in life as it progresses, pain and disability are inevitable.

Working onrepparttar 141619 Problem Now For an adult pet that already has symptoms, many of those who read this column are doing what I recommend. They are using a safe and effective approach by using a high-quality liquid glucosamine formula. (I have already cautioned aboutrepparttar 141620 use of some remedies made available by veterinarians.)

What is the largest breed of dog in the world. The Old English Mastiff

Written by Sharon Medforth

The Old English Mastiff isrepparttar LARGEST breed of dog inrepparttar 141616 world . .They can weigh anywhere from 110 pounds torepparttar 141617 343 pounds. Zorba,an English mastuff ,heldrepparttar 141618 world record ofrepparttar 141619 world's largest dog. Most Mastiff males weigh around 160-230 pounds and females around 120-190 pounds. The hight of a mastiff can range from 26 inches atrepparttar 141620 shoulder to 36 inches . The Irish Wolf Hound and Great Dane can be taller thenrepparttar 141621 mastiff , but do not matchrepparttar 141622 mastiff for weight and over all size .

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