An Action Plan For Marketing Your Web Site (Part 2)

Written by Joanne Glasspoole


A couple of months ago, I met with a client who launched their Web site in 1999. They were discouraged because their site was generating poor traffic. When I asked them if they had added their URL to their stationery and marketing materials,repparttar answer was no. To me, this should be a no-brainer, but it's not.

Don't forget to add your URL torepparttar 125142 following business and promotional pieces:

- Answering machine/voice mail greeting - Office stationery (i.e., letterhead, envelopes, note cards, business cards, invoices, receipts, reorder forms, etc.) - Company marketing materials (i.e., brochures, leaflets, flyers, post cards, etc.) - Fax sheets - Phone book listings - Sales letters - Storefront - Web decals - Uniforms and hats - Christmas cards - E-mail signature file - Promotional items (e.g., mouse pads, coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens and pencils, etc.)


In my experience,repparttar 125143 second most important online marketing strategy (after search engine submissions) is establishing link exchanges. A number of key search engines--Google being one of them--rank sites according torepparttar 125144 number of high-quality links pointing to it. For this reason, links are becoming increasingly important.

Establishing reciprocal link partnerships with other Web site owners is time-consuming but worth it. There are tools to automaterepparttar 125145 process of finding and requesting links, but I strongly advise against using them, becauserepparttar 125146 links pages often look generic, unprofessional and identical to allrepparttar 125147 others generated byrepparttar 125148 same software--so much for originality! Plus, I've read that some search engines ignore automatically-generated links pages.

So, how do you find Web sites to swap links with? One technique is to visit your favorite search engine and type "add URL" plus your keyword phrase inrepparttar 125149 search box. Go ahead--try it! Before you know it, you'll have thousands of linking prospects. Be picky with whom you choose to link, though. Remember--one high quality link weighs more heavily than dozens of poor quality ones.

In my opinion, a good links page will add value to your Web site. It also provides content. There are some people who will argue that providing links to other sites is directing your hard-earned traffic elsewhere. Although this is true, do you really think people are never going to leave? Of course they will. And if they leave your site to visit another site that you recommend, that is certain to leave a positive impression on them. I truly believe a good links page will bring traffic back to your site.

If your goal is to rank well inrepparttar 125150 search engines, I recommend that you put establishing linking partnerships high on your marketing to do list.

For more information, visit:




Although you can advertise in some media for free, my experience is that it's best to target your ads torepparttar 125151 audience you hope to attract. If you're selling horse shoes, for example, promoting your wares to people who do not own horses is not a good use of your time or money.

Online Classifieds--Inrepparttar 125152 early days ofrepparttar 125153 Internet, classified sites were very popular. I don't know how popular they are today, but they still exist. Although you might not sell a lot on classified sites, it doesn't hurt to use them--especially if they're free.

I've used Yahoo! Classifieds inrepparttar 125154 past and was impressed with their services. When you post an ad there, it will be posted for 21 days, at which time Yahoo! will send you an e-mail asking whether you want to renew or delete your ad. Yahoo! also offers an online payment option called Yahoo! PayDirect, which allows you to send or receive money online.

For more information, visit:

Classifieds For Free

Yahoo! Classifieds

E-Zines Ads--E-zines are another excellent media for advertising your products and/or services. Advertising in E-zines is relatively inexpensive. The hard part is locating publications to advertise in. Some E-zines have huge, targeted readerships, and obviously, those arerepparttar 125155 ones you want to be in.

For more information, visit:

The Ezine Ad Auction

In addition to fee-based E-zine ads, there are others that will publish your ad for free. For more information, downloadrepparttar 125156 free e-book:

The Ebook of Free Ezine Ads

Newspaper Ads--Buying ad space in newspapers is more expensive than e-zine ads, but onrepparttar 125157 plus side, some newspapers also post classifieds on their Web site, so you get two forrepparttar 125158 price of one. If your business is located in a neighborhood that publishes a weekly newspaper, you may find their ad space very affordable--it's also a highly targeted audience.


The click-through rate on banner ads is low, so you will need to weighrepparttar 125159 pros and cons before going this route. Onrepparttar 125160 plus side, Web sites that rely on advertisers to stay alive are begging for people to buy ad space. You can probably get it for a bargain--as compared to a couple of year's ago.

If, onrepparttar 125161 other hand, you're more interested in branding your site versus attracting qualified prospects, you may want to consider a banner exchange. The plus side is it's free. The negative is that you have no control overrepparttar 125162 types of banners displayed on your site. In addition, you will probably notice added download time to your Web page.

Web Site Promotion 101

Written by Joanne Glasspoole

So, you've designed a compelling Web site that you're eager to showrepparttar world. Every day you add fresh content and tweak your pages to make them prettier, more informative and faster to download. It's gonna pay off, you tell yourself, as you upload several new pages to your Web Host's server.

Midway inrepparttar 125141 afternoon, you stop what you're doing to check your traffic reports...You're excited and eager to confirm just how successful your Web site is. Waiting for your site statistics to finish downloading, your glee turns to dread when you learn that only two people visited your Web site all day.

What's a disillusioned Webmaster to do?

Here are a couple of "musts" to add to your to-do list to help you get started marketing yourself and your Web site.


Search engines are by farrepparttar 125142 most popular way to find information onrepparttar 125143 Web. Getting your site listed, however, is a chore, and it is oftentimes frustrating because results are not quick to see.

Although there are automated services that promise to get you listed on thousands of Web directories and free-for-all (FFA) links pages, it is recommended that you manually submit your site torepparttar 125144 top search engines.

Be forewarned that it takes weeks (sometimes even months!) to get listed.

Set up a tickler file to do site submissions on a monthly basis. Resistrepparttar 125145 temptation to submit more often, because your hard work will go up in a puff of smoke if your URL gets banned for spammingrepparttar 125146 Search Engines.

The following list is not all inclusive, but it is a good place to start with your Search Engine submissions.

Free Submissions ----------------




Ask Jeeves E-mail:

Direct Hit

Dogpile /help/addurl




MSN Search

National Directory

Northern Light

Open Directory Project

Scrub The Web



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