An Account of Jesus' Temptation

Written by Scot Aaron

This account will penetrate various spiritual dimensions of Jesus' temptation inrepparttar wilderness of Judea. Experiencerepparttar 126984 purity of Jerusalem's temple,repparttar 126985 greed of moneychangers,repparttar 126986 lustful opulence of kings and rulers,repparttar 126987 brutality of war,repparttar 126988 humility of servants,repparttar 126989 subtlety of Satan's ploys, and ultimately Jesus' triumph. Then, reflect upon today's immorality and materialism! ____________________________

An Account of Jesus' Temptation

In this article I will recreate a known experience fromrepparttar 126990 life of Jesus,repparttar 126991 temptation inrepparttar 126992 wilderness. According torepparttar 126993 Bible inrepparttar 126994 Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus' temptation was said to occur after Johnrepparttar 126995 Baptist baptized Jesus. From here Jesus went alone intorepparttar 126996 wilderness for what was claimed to be a forty-day fast. The devil was said to tempt Jesus here. By tellingrepparttar 126997 story in my own words, I hope to clarify spiritual depths withinrepparttar 126998 experience.

Jesus walked up torepparttar 126999 river wherein John was baptizing fellow Jews. When a willing soul is submerged, flowing water brought a purifying effect. The entire body felt cleansed, inside and out; or so this was what John taught. The experience confirmedrepparttar 127000 reality of scriptures referring to “living water.” It was as if John’s hand wasrepparttar 127001 hand of God that could lift every burden fromrepparttar 127002 soul. Evenrepparttar 127003 men would shed tears after their baptism. The warmth ofrepparttar 127004 sun, smells from nearby fires, hushed reverence, andrepparttar 127005 taste ofrepparttar 127006 river water onrepparttar 127007 lips were memorable experiences, well worthrepparttar 127008 journey to see Johnrepparttar 127009 Baptist.

When Jesus partook ofrepparttar 127010 experience, an immediate bond formed with John. As eyes met, they clearly recognized their responsibilities. They were alive to glorify God. With this, Jesus experiencedrepparttar 127011 living water. When underwater Jesus’ presence seemed to extend throughoutrepparttar 127012 river. More than connecting torepparttar 127013 source within every stream, water discovered its true solace within tides of every sea. It seemed as if Jesus recognizedrepparttar 127014 struggle of every effort, lifted as beads of water evaporating to form billowing clouds that fertilized life within every raindrop.

As Jesus rose fromrepparttar 127015 water, his eyes released tears. Some people clearly recognizedrepparttar 127016 sacredness ofrepparttar 127017 occasion. The atmosphere became alive. The glory of God’s Creation shone. Every aspect of life was precious, yet others easily found diversion and distractions. How many never experiencedrepparttar 127018 precious moment or too easily forgot its worth? John was so well known that people came just because of his name. Then there were a few that hid conspiratorial thoughts. Others sought to take advantage of easy targets. Who was focused onrepparttar 127019 attractive women coming fresh out fromrepparttar 127020 water? How many were there to catch John at improprieties? Jesus could pinpointrepparttar 127021 ones spying on John, waiting to report any improper remarks against Jewish or Roman authority.

Rather than being disturbed byrepparttar 127022 many people around or questions asked by his friends, Jesus left forrepparttar 127023 wilderness. Here he could completely commune with God and know more of what would be expected of him. He needed to understand -- withinrepparttar 127024 depths of his soul -- how to best serve God. Ever since a boy he knew that he had something very special to do for God. Atrepparttar 127025 age of twelve he feltrepparttar 127026 weight and responsibilities of High Priests inrepparttar 127027 temple. It was within those consecrated walls ofrepparttar 127028 temple that all sins were atoned for. The sacred name and words of God seemed clear, as if he was meant to interpret them. Yes, he would fillrepparttar 127029 Scriptures with life.

Jesus would remain in solitude until God clearly revealed his will -- regardless of how long it took. Going without food or water heightened his spiritual awareness. When he was one with himself and one with God, he would feel and knowrepparttar 127030 intent within all scripture. Here he could commune with living prophets, prophets as alive as John baptizing inrepparttar 127031 river, or prophets risen to heaven and alive with God like Enoch or Elijah.

The longer he thought,repparttar 127032 more he concentrated onrepparttar 127033 temple. Here he could experience a direct connection withrepparttar 127034 unblemished lamb brought for a sacrifice. This creature was so soft and fragile. Innocence and purity were within its eyes. For a momentrepparttar 127035 lamb would almost smile fromrepparttar 127036 attention of being treated extra special. A presence of royalty filledrepparttar 127037 atmosphere, as if everything was perfect. Then suddenly a firm grip clutchedrepparttar 127038 neck. Fear overtookrepparttar 127039 small body in time to stare intorepparttar 127040 sharp knife ready to sacrificerepparttar 127041 lamb’s life. Rather than end there, an amazing change swept throughrepparttar 127042 entire temple. Blood was poured onrepparttar 127043 altar. Sacred flames consumedrepparttar 127044 body in a brilliant blaze. The smell of incense mingled with lamb meat. Scripture flowed fromrepparttar 127045 mouth ofrepparttar 127046 priest. The presence of God filledrepparttar 127047 temple, drifting torepparttar 127048 pinnacle whererepparttar 127049 true power of God met aspirations within every heart.

God felt close, as if Jesus could reach out and touch his Father in Heaven. In this moment Heaven was upon earth. Everybody whom Jesus recognized going in and out ofrepparttar 127050 temple seemed like his own blood, like brothers and sisters he missed yet hadn’t seen for years. He feltrepparttar 127051 tears of this homecoming. Each tear was a precious treasure. Here God’s glory filledrepparttar 127052 hearts of everyone around, consummating each thought withinrepparttar 127053 blaze of God’s perfection. People gladly gave all ofrepparttar 127054 money that they had forrepparttar 127055 purity of this experience. God’s love was real.

Then a dark mist seeped alongrepparttar 127056 ground and intorepparttar 127057 floors ofrepparttar 127058 temple. As Jesus recognized greed and deceit withinrepparttar 127059 hearts of priests working inrepparttar 127060 temple, shadows consumedrepparttar 127061 altar. Loud screams came fromrepparttar 127062 courtyard where moneychangers lied aboutrepparttar 127063 value and exchange rates of different currencies. The glow fromrepparttar 127064 temple seemed swallowed up. Chants of murder were heard. Within this darknessrepparttar 127065 value of human life became worthless, to be pawned atrepparttar 127066 whims of rulers. Here, a fierce knot tightened in Jesus’ stomach and for an extended moment he feltrepparttar 127067 pain of real hunger.

Desire and longing propelled Jesus high aboverepparttar 127068 evening lights of Jerusalem. He could peer inrepparttar 127069 luxuriant houses ofrepparttar 127070 wealthy, orrepparttar 127071 opulent lives lived by kings. Being surrounded by so much physical pleasure evokedrepparttar 127072 scent of gorgeous women, dressed inrepparttar 127073 finest silks that revealedrepparttar 127074 smoothest curves of seemingly perfect bodies created by God. The smell of perfumes upon soft flesh filled his heart with an intense need to touch and hold such sweetness. These virgins were reserved especially forrepparttar 127075 king. Then suddenly Jesus noticedrepparttar 127076 innocence and purity of a simple servant girl. Seeking God’s confirmation of such an exquisite being, Jesus lifted his eyes towards God.

How could such priceless humility exist? Here was a girl whose only care was to serve her master. Though her parent’s servitude kept her from being one ofrepparttar 127077 king’s wives, she served her master with undying devotion. From this view Jesus saw howrepparttar 127078 love, honesty, and complete fidelity of this servant girl becamerepparttar 127079 true motivation that inspiredrepparttar 127080 king to perform any righteous action. It was here that Jesus recognizedrepparttar 127081 goodness in ordinary people who slaved their entire lives to provide a meager sustenance for their families. Mothers and fathers who loved God tried to do everything right as they labored to provide some opportunity for their children. Then children neglected their own ambitions to work and care for sick parents. Jesus realizedrepparttar 127082 light of God within so many good, honest people. Then as if in a flash of thunder, entire families were ravaged, left dead inrepparttar 127083 wiles of war.

The Christian-Muslim Conflict: From Scripture to Religions!

Written by Scot Aaron

Scriptures fromrepparttar Bible and Koran contradict one another! Should members of these powerful religions have conflict? This article examinesrepparttar 126983 foundation of Christianity and Islam to discover thatrepparttar 126984 conflict and possible resolution begins there. ______________________________

The Christian-Muslim Conflict!

Is there really a conflict between Christians and Muslims? There were said to be nine crusades from 1095-1272. This was where Christians got together to fight against Muslims. What is happening inrepparttar 126985 world today? Maybe we should take a look atrepparttar 126986 Christian Bible and Muslim Koran before tensions escalate too far? Millions of people revererepparttar 126987 writers of these sacred books. The question is, can and will this promote love and respect between neighbors in differing religions?

Have you ever asked yourself who actually wroterepparttar 126988 New Testament and Koran? Should you examinerepparttar 126989 foundation of Christianity, known fromrepparttar 126990 writers ofrepparttar 126991 New Testament? Many of Paul's epistles are recognized by Biblical scholars as actual letters,repparttar 126992 first written some 18 years (about 51 AD) after Jesus died. Paul clearly states that he never physically met Jesus. Paul only mentions three ofrepparttar 126993 apostles by name (Galatians 1:18-20, 2:9)! When it comes to meeting Peter, as Jesus' key apostle, Paul states: "When Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he was clearly inrepparttar 126994 wrong..." (Galatians 2:11)

Early letters and other writings do exist from those referred to as “Apostolic Fathers,” yetrepparttar 126995 apostles are not mentioned by name. (Papias was 'quoted' as having mentioned Matthew; seerepparttar 126996 footnote below.) Beyond writing more ofrepparttar 126997 New Testament than any other, Paul, in fact, appears to berepparttar 126998 primary spokesmen for what became Christianity, even according torepparttar 126999 Apostolic Fathers.

"I exhort you all, therefore, to yield obedience torepparttar 127000 word of righteousness, and to exercise all patience, such as ye have seen before your eyes, not only inrepparttar 127001 case ofrepparttar 127002 blessed Ignatius, and Zosimus, and Rufus, but also in others among yourselves, and in Paul himself, andrepparttar 127003 rest ofrepparttar 127004 apostles. ... If a man does not keep himself from covetousness, he shall be defiled by idolatry, and shall be judged as one ofrepparttar 127005 heathen. But who of us are ignorant ofrepparttar 127006 judgment ofrepparttar 127007 Lord? 'Do we not know thatrepparttar 127008 saints shall judgerepparttar 127009 world?' as Paul teaches. But I have neither seen nor heard of any such thing among you, inrepparttar 127010 midst of whomrepparttar 127011 blessed Paul laboured." [From Chapters 9 and 11 of “The Letter of Polycarp torepparttar 127012 Philippians,” see footnote 1.]

The main objective of later Biblical writers -- includingrepparttar 127013 writers ofrepparttar 127014 Gospels -- was to make traditions fit together and convince others that Jesus wasrepparttar 127015 Christ,repparttar 127016 chosen Messiah. Was this viewpoint of Jesus intolerant of other faiths? The Christocentric view is stressed inrepparttar 127017 oft-quoted John 14:6 where Jesus was claimed to have said, “I amrepparttar 127018 way andrepparttar 127019 truth andrepparttar 127020 life. No one comes torepparttar 127021 Father except through me.”

For more than a thousand yearsrepparttar 127022 large majority of Christians (strongly) believed that all non-Christians would eternally suffer in hell. For some, this has given Christiansrepparttar 127023 right to coerce and even murder. Currently, many Christians may understand that all good people with or without religion can worship God in their hearts. The priority of love and compassion can save people from damnation. It seems that anyone can go “through Jesus” (referring torepparttar 127024 scripture above) by accepting what Jesus established asrepparttar 127025 priorities in life.

The New Testament stresses to “Love God with all of your heart and mind, and your neighbor like yourself.” Christianity has great spiritual power throughrepparttar 127026 example of Jesus. Good individuals in every religious tradition have loved God, at least their understandings of God. Love and compassion are experienced throughoutrepparttar 127027 world; however, abuse inrepparttar 127028 name of religion is also a very real experience.

Muhammad wasrepparttar 127029 founding prophet of Islam. If a Muslim, you believe that Muhammad isrepparttar 127030 seal ofrepparttar 127031 prophets. [3] Asrepparttar 127032 authoritative seal, his prophecies or revelations providerepparttar 127033 complete and final truths. As people questionedrepparttar 127034 authority of prophecies that were developed and expressed throughoutrepparttar 127035 months and years of Muhammad’s life, further revelations sought to clarify given situations.

"When we change one verse for another — God knows best what He reveals — they say: 'You [Muhammad] are an impostor.' Indeed most of these people do not understand. Say: 'The Holy Spirit broughtrepparttar 127036 revelation down from God in truth, in order to strengthenrepparttar 127037 faithful, and to give guidance and good news to those that submit.' We know they say: 'A mortal taught him.' Butrepparttar 127038 man to whom they allude speaks a foreign tongue, [4] while this is pure, clear Arabic. God will not guide those who disbelieve that these are His revelations. Woeful punishment awaitsrepparttar 127039 disbeliever." (Koran 16.101-104)

Muhammad's viewpoint of Jesus' divine authority clearly contradicts what mainstream Christians believe!

"They say, 'We killedrepparttar 127040 Christ, Jesus son of Mary, apostle of God.' They did not kill him nor did they crucify him, though it appeared to them so. Those that disagree inrepparttar 127041 matter are lost in doubt. They have no knowledge about it other than conjecture, for surely God did not kill him." (Koran 4:157-158)

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