Amsterdam firm of webwriters reveals how they got their PR-3 listing in Google

Written by Angelique van Engelen

Case study into ContentClix keywords reveals -how we got listed inrepparttar search engines -achieved PR-3 listing in Google -and several PR-1 listings in others;

This a shameless marketing article but we're hard faced enough to take onrepparttar 105919 odds you're going to read it A-Z. It isrepparttar 105920 story of how we ended up inrepparttar 105921 top echelons of major search engines.

The website in question is . this one. We -the five of us- live together in a big, crooked house overlookingrepparttar 105922 lovely canals in Amsterdam and when we don´t play table tennis, we write long, short, medium and stupendously superfluous copy for a variety of international websites who generally are onrepparttar 105923 lookout for content that´s crisp and freshly European.

Short sentences for instructional copy. Long ones that everyone can still get their head around byrepparttar 105924 timerepparttar 105925 last i has been dotted forrepparttar 105926 rest.

We ourselves did not set out to reach top rankings in any overly organised way. That's why we had so much fun doingrepparttar 105927 research intorepparttar 105928 issue. And we've become totally addicted to finding out what arerepparttar 105929 best tools out there to really go about achieving effectiveness.

To be entirely clear,repparttar 105930 contentclix web presence is nothing more than ten pages, with a total of 19 incoming links as of today. We have not purchased expensive keywords nor did we advertise ourselves anywhere or use any seo gimmickry.

So here we go, this is our report of our post-search engine listing internal inquiry into our mysterious jackpot hit. ContentClix has a list of 22 keywords. (ContentClix, content clix, clix, content clicks, clicks, writing, website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copywriter, creative labs, creative writing, story writing, editorial, editing services, journalism, reporting, freelance writer, freelance writing, writing resources).

We chose these initially because we feel they describe our business accurately and we think that these arerepparttar 105931 words that spring to mind first when you are looking to find a bunch of copywriters like us. We included our name because somebody said we had to.

ContentClix is a bland name. On purpose, because we believe that having a posh name is stupid, an overly arty one pretentious. After weeks of not being able to decide, one early Monday morning following a frantic work weekend because we´d missed deadline after deadline for a big account, all five of us agreed that having a practical, functional name would remind us to put in some work hours while we are here.

(We were going to be named 038 at first but it appears to be a number quite well known in chemistry, referring to a mineral known as ´strontium´ which in this country´s language is like ´shittium´ in English so that was a no no, mostly regretted by our office molecule clixy who is responsible for our blog,repparttar 105932 url we´ll advertise soon enough.)

How did we find out where we actually ranked inrepparttar 105933 search engines? We ran a search on a tool that's most widely used by professional seo's to check backlinks to websites. It's called A very appropriate name forrepparttar 105934 venture, because it made us literally leap.

Another site offers free google page rank checks and probability checks of your site. This is what it said about us: "Results: Your current Google PageRank is 3. Based on our calculations, we predict your future PageRank afterrepparttar 105935 next Google update will be 3, an increase of 2.63%". That was enough for us to be totally intrigues as to how things actually work in reality withrepparttar 105936 search engines. Call us dopey, but our expertise lies in writing sales texts, not search engines.

Using a trial version ofrepparttar 105937 keyword specialist boyz at, we set out on our quest to see what's so special about them. Wordtracker usesrepparttar 105938 parallel browsers dogpile and metacrawler to simulate queries that people run onrepparttar 105939 largest search engines.

Each time a user types in any ofrepparttar 105940 keywords, a spider ofrepparttar 105941 real life engines will be actively looking forrepparttar 105942 terms and somehow this signal is picked up byrepparttar 105943 metacrawlers too and counted by wordtracker software. It has a database with around 368 million searches fromrepparttar 105944 last 60 days. These are some ofrepparttar 105945 combinations ofrepparttar 105946 keywords andrepparttar 105947 rankings they yield.

In quick succession, we ran these 10 arbitrary tests:

1) Enteringrepparttar 105948 first half ofrepparttar 105949 string of words intorepparttar 105950 search box:

ContentClix, content clix, content clicks, clicks, writing, website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copy

Yieldedthisresult:->Page 1 in Lycos, Hotbot and Alta Vista!

2) Since not many people will have heard of us it's not likely they will be typing in our name inrepparttar 105951 search engines, so we took out our name fromrepparttar 105952 list: content clix, content clicks, clicks, writing, website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copy

Result:->Page 1 listings on Allrepparttar 105953 web and Yahoo.

3) We getrepparttar 105954 hang of it and reducerepparttar 105955 words one by one from then onwards yields this, even more surprising

content clicks, clicks, writing, website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copy

Result:-> Allrepparttar 105956 web, Alta vista, Hotbot, Lycos

4) We are starting not to believe our eyes here. Cutting out my what we thought to berepparttar 105957 most vital words (content and clicks within comma's) keywords:

clicks, writing, website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copy,

delivers these astounding results: -> Page one rankings on: Allrepparttar 105958 Web, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos Pro

5) The bonanza goes on:

writing, website content, copywriting, ghostwriting, copywriter, ghostwriter, advertising copy

Results -> Page 2 Altavista, Hotbot and Lycos.

When optimising your site to reach customers more effectively, why not improve on what professional search engine specialists do?

Written by Angelique van Engelen

Last year wasrepparttar year of search engine marketing andrepparttar 105918 experts predictrepparttar 105919 saga is going to continue full swing until at least in 2010. When you set out to work on your site’s visibility, it is useful to know whatrepparttar 105920 professionals that you cannot afford to outsourcerepparttar 105921 whole headache to are up to and beat them atrepparttar 105922 game. Scanning SEO news, it's pretty obvious that high search engine rankings still arerepparttar 105923 be-all-and-end-all of online marketing, but things are beginning to move on from here. The new buzzwords that stand out are accessibility and usability and renewed energy is poured in what are believed to be new opportunities in areas like local marketing. But how much bang for your buck will you get this time?

‘Accessibility!’. ‘Usability!’ Apparently that is whatrepparttar 105924 professional SEO community is focusing on to get traffic numbers up for their clients. Evidencerepparttar 105925 popularity of these words themselves. A keyword tracking tool like wordtracker shows this in a matter of seconds. Overrepparttar 105926 last two months ‘accessibility’ has been scoring a count of 158 and usability more than double that number, 308. Not a lot of queries perhaps compared to a word like ‘shoes’ or ‘digital cameras’ or any tangible product you might be selling, but then –luckily- there are not as many SEO businesses out there as shoe shops.

So how do accessibility and usability factor in SEO strategies? Is it again more ofrepparttar 105927 same or are you missing out on vital elements if you simply improve on your existing optimising strategies? As your strategy for online marketing is on its way and you are gettingrepparttar 105928 hang of havingrepparttar 105929 right keywords to describe your business, it´s time to integrate everything yet again and focus on your site´s usability and accessibility.


What is meant by usability is generally how well a site can be navigated through links, graphics and text. All your optimising efforts should have one goal in mind: attracting customers. Does your site still provide valuable information to your human visitors now thatrepparttar 105930 spiders and robots can read it? This is key, sayrepparttar 105931 guys at, who have got good insights on what’s going on in online marketing in a broad sense. “Personalization isrepparttar 105932 hot term for relevancy, withrepparttar 105933 goal being to intertwine search with a consumer's daily activity. As clients become more sophisticated with increased demands,repparttar 105934 marketplace will yield more efficient results. Technology will continue to be created to facilitaterepparttar 105935 massive amounts of data currently sorted byrepparttar 105936 engines”, they report. Perhaps it is totally obvious, but you would be surprised how many strategies fail simply on wording and text writing.

It’s no use optimising for search engines ifrepparttar 105937 visitors to your site are not going to be impressed by what they read. Overly-complex phrasing will have to become a thing ofrepparttar 105938 past and using common sense, neutral language will open uprepparttar 105939 content to a wider audience of search terms. It is best to get a copywriter to do this for you. If you are not sure whether your site needs a professional writer’s touch, there are some tools you can run over it to see if your linked terms actually make sense inrepparttar 105940 wider context. Throw your pages through this tool (free trial of seven days) and consider contacting a freelance copywriter for a quote if it appears your content is hampered;

There are millions of similar tools out there that can give you quite a good insight into your content. If you think your content is a mess, consider hiring a freelance copywriter to match content and keywords.

Accessibility Accessibility of sites is way more of a technological issue. You will have what is generally considered an ‘accessible’ website if it can be read by all browsers. Providing as much ‘access’ to your site/content as possible perhaps has a number of added dimensions that you are not aware of and it is good to pay notice to every aspect ofrepparttar 105941 matching between your content andrepparttar 105942 search engines. The various limitations of browsers other than Internet Explorer and Netscape are quite distinct and need paying attention to during this stage of your optimisation efforts. For instance,repparttar 105943 Lynx browser is a text-only browser with no support for tables, CSS, images, JavaScript, Flash or audio and video content. There are various tools that replace images inrepparttar 105944 form of ALT text, JavaScript throughrepparttar 105945

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