Amplifying Your 'Start Page' Traffic

Written by Dale Sexton

'Start page' programs arerepparttar easiest way to get traffic to your website. Did you know you can amplify that traffic as much as four times withrepparttar 125102 same mouse clicks?

Amplifying your 'start page' traffic is crucial if your website gets few hits. Make a 'funnel page' and funnel traffic to your website.

Start with a doorway page, optimized forrepparttar 125103 search engines. It is not just a doorway page, because it will soon do more. It's going to funnel traffic to your website.

It needs a header inrepparttar 125104 visible top section ofrepparttar 125105 browser so as to be seen as soon asrepparttar 125106 page comes up. Try to userepparttar 125107 HTML H1 tag in this header. Like any ad, be gripping, catchrepparttar 125108 attention ofrepparttar 125109 viewer.

Keeprepparttar 125110 body of your ad to about that 200 words. Link your 'funnel page' torepparttar 125111 page your advertising. Ifrepparttar 125112 content is good enough to gainrepparttar 125113 attention of viewers, submit it torepparttar 125114 search engines as well.

Your objective is to getrepparttar 125115 most hits out of your 'funnel page'. We will make additions to our page that will differentiate it from a doorway page.

Banners are declining in effectiveness, but a finely tuned creation can still get great success. Use different banner exchanges for best results, and no more than 4 banners on your 'funnel page'.

The more banners you use,repparttar 125116 better your results will be, butrepparttar 125117 harder it is to make your page aesthetically correct. Play with arrangements to make it work for you.

Point your banners torepparttar 125118 page your advertising, likelyrepparttar 125119 same page your 'funnel page' points to. Try to use banners that will let you open up another window, so not to lose your visitor to another site.

Using MLM banners gives more amplification to your advertising. If you can find and use them instead ofrepparttar 125120 run ofrepparttar 125121 mill banners, do so.

We will further amplify hits from our 'funnel page' with 'pop under' ads. These are preferred over 'pop up' ads as they are not as intrusive. Pointrepparttar 125122 'pop under' ad torepparttar 125123 page you wish to advertise. Using an MLM 'pop under' gives more leverage than other 'pop unders'. Remember, this is about amplifying and focusing.

Site Rings and Reciprocal Links

Written by Dale Sexton

When I suggest site rings, some of you will say. "Ho hum...". Add reciprocal links torepparttar equation and tell me what you think. Let me explain.

Make or join a site ring on reciprocal links. It must be more specific than reciprocal links, though. I built mine using 'web resources / reciprocal links'. I want my reciprocal links to be from 'web resources' web sites.

When someone joinsrepparttar 125101 site ring, they agree to make a reciprocal links page. On this page, place all links to members that have already joined. On my site ring, it is onrepparttar 125102 members page and is also emailed to all members. Also placerepparttar 125103 site ring link on this reciprocal links page. In return, their link is added torepparttar 125104 reciprocal links pages of all other members.

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