American History - Spies and Corruption

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

“The Baratarian pirates also offered their services. Even though an American naval force had destroyed their base on Grand Terre Island in September,repparttar Baratarians rejected British overtures to side with them. (6) {Other accounts make it clearrepparttar 143482 men were willing to go it alone or againstrepparttar 143483 Americans and yet Lafitte convinced them to supportrepparttar 143484 American cause. I see this as part ofrepparttar 143485 French Masonic or Merovingian/Priory plan that included Napoleon. I think Lafitte was their agent and played any role or side to support their cause first and foremost. They wantedrepparttar 143486 US to become a real force inrepparttar 143487 world. Their counterparts in England had declared French Masonry was without a soul. They had formally declared them to be any number of silly things. It continues to some extent torepparttar 143488 present. I shall address this more as I proceed but suffice it to say that at some level we have an inner sanctum of people who are playing both sides for fools.} Instead they pleaded with American officials to accept their services. According to one observer, ‘this transition from piracy to Patriotism’ was due torepparttar 143489 influence of Edward Livingston. The pirates had promised Livingston $20,000 if he could secure their acquittal on charges of violatingrepparttar 143490 trade laws,…” (7)

This is an enormous amount of money and it might well be just a small part of what changed hands or was funneled to various officials by Lafitte. Livingston had lost most of his wealth in New York City before coming to New Orleans in a situation said to involve someone fleecing him when he had Yellow Fever. He was no longer withoutrepparttar 143491 clout money brings. The whole Louisiana Purchase and most ofrepparttar 143492 Central Western United States was sold for $15,000,000. This brief note on that will tell you how important Livingston had been. “President Jefferson wanted to make sure thatrepparttar 143493 US could userepparttar 143494 Mississippi River for commerce, so he hadrepparttar 143495 American ambassador to France, Robert Livingston, and a special envoy, James Monroe (who would later be president), negotiate to buyrepparttar 143496 port of New Orleans. This would allowrepparttar 143497 US access betweenrepparttar 143498 Gulf of Mexico andrepparttar 143499 Mississippi River. They were very surprised whenrepparttar 143500 French offered to sellrepparttar 143501 entire Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollars. The purchase was completed on April 30, 1803.” (8)

But we might well wonder about many things related to this purchase as I have already intimated. It turns out that my own ancestor Rufus King wasrepparttar 143502 Ambassador to England until shortly AFTER this purchase was made. But he was also a minister plenipotentiary and becamerepparttar 143503 special contact withrepparttar 143504 Royal Court of Britain shortly thereafter. This isrepparttar 143505 kind of role that many spies and double or triple agents who are far more than mere bureaucrats are involved with. It isrepparttar 143506 supranational paladin position ofrepparttar 143507 highest sort and much like Henry Kissinger has been forrepparttar 143508 Rothschild/Rockefellers you could say. Here isrepparttar 143509 research on this matter from another source. “ Rufus King Minister Plenipotentiary

Learn to Read Music Online

Written by Peter Cullen

If you or anyone you know wants to learn to read music, it’s a lot easier to do than it used to be. The Internet gives us all access to almost unlimited information, and can deliver an incredible array of products and tools right to our desktops. Not surprisingly, there are some really clever products out there that can help you learn to read notes.

“Piano is Fun” from Anthony Fernando is a great beginner package for a very reasonable price that will teach you how to read music. The knowledge and practice available here would cost many timesrepparttar purchase price ($24.95) in personal lessons. Included inrepparttar 143420 price are free lifetime upgrades and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Purchase and Installation

Purchase and installation are both a snap. The entire process takes no more than five minutes and is virtually foolproof. So, what's inrepparttar 143421 product? A series of lessons and practice games that teach you how to read music and make it fun! And that's quite an accomplishment! Most students find it an awesome, dreadful task, but it really doesn't have to be, as this product demonstrates. When you startrepparttar 143422 program, you might think thatrepparttar 143423 product is just for kids. Well, it is great for kids, but it's also fun for anyone that wants to learn to read music forrepparttar 143424 piano. My own bass clef reading skills fade in and out, and I actually enjoyed clicking throughrepparttar 143425 lessons and "games" (review tests).

Getting Started

The basic package features a series of twenty lessons that start very simply and progress through bothrepparttar 143426 treble and bass clefs. The graphics are big and bright and easy to read. There are good sound and visual effects - enough to keep your interest up but not so much that it distracts fromrepparttar 143427 point of learningrepparttar 143428 notes. The way to get started withrepparttar 143429 product is to takerepparttar 143430 tour, which explainsrepparttar 143431 layout ofrepparttar 143432 lessons andrepparttar 143433 "games" that are used as review tests for each ofrepparttar 143434 twenty lessons. As a student progresses through each lesson, awards are given and displayed on a separate screen - great little reinforcers to keep you going.

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