America We have a Problem

Written by Shirley deLong

April 8, 2005

AMERICA - WE HAVE A PROBLEM - Anyone paying attention? Taxpayers are getting deeper in debt due to “Tax and Spend”! Ever noticed allrepparttar school buses running all over county with ONLY three to eleven kids on each one? Yet school officials want to buy more high-dollar buses, hire more drivers, hire more teachers, andrepparttar 105438 list goes on. What’s wrong withrepparttar 105439 “old-fashioned” school ways when there were 28 to 30 kids in one class with one teacher and yet kids actually learned how to add, subtract and respect themselves andrepparttar 105440 authority figures over them. Would someone, with some common sense, let me know why we have to change what was working with our schools, back inrepparttar 105441 “Old-fashioned” days? Does everyone understand thatrepparttar 105442 kids, including myself, back then were brought up to have prayer in school regardless to religion. We are now Professionals and Business Owners trying to figure out whyrepparttar 105443 Politicians and Board Members


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