America Growing Cold

Written by Joyce C. Lock

(The ministry of a he goat is to cleanserepparttar sanctuary. Daniel 8:8-14)

America Growing Cold

And because iniquity shall abound,repparttar 139718 love of many shall wax cold. Matthew 24:12

In America, everyone wants our money. The government taxes business and industry, then tax that money again, via stockholder profits. They also tax our labor income, then tax whatever money we have left (the second time) as we make purchases.

In addition,repparttar 139719 government continues to annually tax for real estate, automobiles, and other big ticket items purchased. So,repparttar 139720 same money gets taxed upon 'from several times to life', besides state and local taxes. Then, if we sellrepparttar 139721 taxable item for profit, we may have to pay taxes on that profit, too.

And if that wasn't enough, government further taxes whomever they determine to penalize; from big industry allrepparttar 139722 way down torepparttar 139723 individual smoker. Plus, penalty may be charged for whomever does not pay taxes in advance, like if government pre-determines your quarterly income could prove to exceed annual expectation.

Though we might not complain except taxed money is spent without logic. For example: it is given to other countries, when we have homeless, too. It pays for wars intended to protect life and it pays for abortions to end life.

Additional taxes are taken for Social Security, which is suppose to be given back in our retirement years; exceptrepparttar 139724 government spent that money, too. And, instead of replacing what they stole, they're trying to figure out how to get out of their commitment.

If America is not your native country, you're likely to receive more financial assistance here than if you're American and, if you're really in need, you may have to get a divorce before assistance is given. We're also expected to support people too lazy to work. And, if that wasn't enough, government gave thousands of our jobs to Mexico.

Churches remind us of our duty to support them and we can still do that, even though God already promises provisions in exchange for walking in faith. Only, it doesn't stop there. TV ministries are known for saying God can't bless or heal, or much of anything else until we give to them, too; that being above our tithe. Only, Biblical mandate is for ministries to be supported byrepparttar 139725 church. And while some might argue they are appealing torepparttar 139726 universal church, God never told us to be asking others for our needs, only Him. Yet, their presentation is so compelling that money is sent, often later to discover such ministries were fraudulent.

That isn't to say but what all ministries might actually accomplish some good. But, whenrepparttar 139727 church does not support its laborers (leading servants to mission fields likerepparttar 139728 internet and those ministries blossom with no financial backing), it seems evidentrepparttar 139729 remainder missed God's best.

Then, there's varied poor relief programs where companies keep as much as 95% of donations and only 5% actually gets torepparttar 139730 starving children. In addition, most of our government's 'foreign aid efforts' have been confiscated, wherein intended parties didn't receiverepparttar 139731 food and supplies sent, and remaining countries only like us torepparttar 139732 extent it serves to their benefit.

On a more local level, in addition to donating our used items forrepparttar 139733 benefit of those less fortunate (for which these ministries usually sell, torepparttar 139734 poor, what we donated for free), groups collect food, at thanksgiving, to give to those already on food stamps. Yet, these often eat better thanrepparttar 139735 rest. And, if you happen to live in a nicer neighborhood, those looking for handouts knock on your door first.

And there's always Christmas, with bell ringers you have to walk passed, in order to enter stores; their mere presence guilting you for having been blessed enough to afford entry while offeringrepparttar 139736 unspoken promise of relief 'when you fill their collection buckets'. However, this is one ofrepparttar 139737 groups that sold our previous donations torepparttar 139738 poor. Luke 16:8

But also, throughoutrepparttar 139739 remaining year, any of several organizations may summons you to purchase their overpriced non-need items for a greater good ... and, if you have children in school and don't buy or help sell for their cause, you're deemed a bad parent, in addition to being a chintzy neighbor or disgruntled co-worker ... leaving you only two options: 1.) to look good in front of your peers or 2.) to forget about wise money management.

Religious activists rally support for their endeavor to stand against all that ails. However, in paying close attention, it becomes evident their methods often contradict their claim to righteousness; withholding pertinent information torepparttar 139740 point of slanderous accusation atrepparttar 139741 expense of stockholders (sometimesrepparttar 139742 named company only being a target to convince smaller corporations to fear them;repparttar 139743 end thought to justifyrepparttar 139744 means), and, while professing themselves to be Christians, they promote warring instead of accountability. 2 Chron. 7:14

Dislike Someone? Two Ways to Inform Them

Written by Laura Hickey

We've all been can't stand someone torepparttar point that you hate them. The are overly happy and wanna be "close" with you when all you want is to get far far away from them. The phony plastic smile plastered on to their face that you can see right through makes you ill. But how do you explain to someone that you just don't want anything to do with them without being rude and or using obscenities? There are 2 easy ways to try, though no guarantee they will work.

Distance- They may come up to you withrepparttar 139579 whole mushy hug thing when they see you. Don't like this, be distant with them. Step back and shake hands or high five them. Having awful relatives over for a dreaded visit? Avoid giving out personal information about your life. This may not only giverepparttar 139580 personrepparttar 139581 message that you'd rather not have them in your life, it can also help cut down onrepparttar 139582 gossip mill.

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