Ambition versus Dedication

Written by Nicole Criona

All writers aspire to recognition, but are we dedicated? Ambition is simplyrepparttar drive or strong desire for something. It isrepparttar 149991 enthusiastic wanting, that yearning felt in every pore, every cell in our bodies toward a specific aim. Sounds a lot like an addiction, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. We become addicted to our fantasy of what it’s like to live as a working, paid writer. That fantasy is great, it’s wonderful. Keep it. Don’t let it takerepparttar 149992 place of dedication.

Dedication, onrepparttar 149993 other hand, according to, is defined as “selfless devotion”. I was reading a book entitled “78 Reasons Why Your Book May Never Be Published & 14 Reasons Why it Just Might” by Pat Walsh. Inrepparttar 149994 introduction, he talks aboutrepparttar 149995 difference between ambition and dedication and writes: “Most people who write a book have ambition, which differs from dedication. With ambition,repparttar 149996 goal isrepparttar 149997 key element. With dedication,repparttar 149998 process isrepparttar 149999 prize.”

He’s right. If you are selflessly devoted to your writing,repparttar 150000 end result should berepparttar 150001 act of creation,repparttar 150002 act of manifesting,repparttar 150003 act of communicating a version of your story that is better than your greatest possible version. If you aspire to greatness, then fantasy is no longer good enough. How dedicated are you to your craft, regardless of your desire for publication and fame?

(re)Dedicate yourself

Letting go (at least temporarily) of ambition and rededicating yourself to your craft is your first step toward achieving your goals. Sounds recursive, I know – it’srepparttar 150004 same with that old adage: “just when you’re not looking, you’ll find Mr./Ms. right”. Irritating? Yes. True? Also yes. Here are a few tips to get you on your way toward your newfound perseverance.

Summer is the Perfect Time to Write

Written by Nicole Criona

As of July 1st,repparttar year was half over! July 1st isrepparttar 149990 Wednesday ofrepparttar 149991 annual calendar, it's an annual hump day (stop giggling!), and we'll be onrepparttar 149992 downslide, smoothly sailing towardrepparttar 149993 end ofrepparttar 149994 year. Summer will have just begun. The first day of summer arrives on June 21st and lasts until September 22nd.

As children, summer was long, lazy, and school-less. It meant watching TV for hours, swimming, running though sprinklers, and time for exploration. Remember when you were a kid and just a walk around outside led to discovery? A hidden ant colony, a cool-shaped branch that made a great wand, a great rock that perfectly fitrepparttar 149995 curvature of your body?

Agriculturally, summer isrepparttar 149996 time between planting and harvesting. It was a time of growth forrepparttar 149997 seeds planted in spring. The agricultural cycle works like this:

Spring is for planting seeds. Summer is for growth and maintenance. Autumn isrepparttar 149998 harvest, time to reaprepparttar 149999 rewards of what you have sown. Winter is a time of death and regeneration. Plants die and await spring again.

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