Amber The Gift From Mother Nature

Written by Sher Matsen

Amber is a beautiful gift from mother nature. It comes in many different colors - yellow, orange, red, white, brown, green, blue and almost black. It may be transparent or clouded. Transparent tones range from pale to dark yellow, to yellow light brown. Cloudy amber comes in many colors.

Amber is fossilized resin of ancient trees that grew in “amber forests”. Through various physical and chemical changesrepparttar resin becomes Amber. Amber is unique because it is able to preserverepparttar 148443 organic tissues in it. It is very common to find pieces of plants and insects, trapped in amber making it extremely valuable to both collectors andrepparttar 148444 scientists. A beautiful and fascinating gem!

Amber is found in various parts ofrepparttar 148445 world. The largest amber deposits are offrepparttar 148446 shores ofrepparttar 148447 Baltic Sea. Baltic Amber isrepparttar 148448 most sought after and valuable for making amber jewelry. Baltic Amber has been used for decorative items since prehistoric times. A Baltic amber amulet has even been found in Egyptian tombs . Amber was also very popular in ancient Rome duringrepparttar 148449 reign of Neron when: jewelry, ornaments, amulets, and even dice were made from amber. Duringrepparttar 148450 Middle Ages, amber prayer beads were exported. Fromrepparttar 148451 16th century intorepparttar 148452 18th century item made from amber included jewelry, dishes, buttons, pipe mouth pieces, chess sets and a host of other fine products.

The majority of Baltic amber comes from a 400-square-mile area -repparttar 148453 Samland Peninsula, now known asrepparttar 148454 Kaliningrad region. The Kaliningrad amber mine supplies 99% ofrepparttar 148455 Baltic amber. Up untilrepparttar 148456 19th century amber was retrieved manually fromrepparttar 148457 sea. Duringrepparttar 148458 latter part ofrepparttar 148459 19th century operations became much more sophisticated as they began dredging and mining for amber. Since then millions of pounds of Baltic amber have been mined.. A small town inrepparttar 148460 Kaliningrad region hasrepparttar 148461 world’s largest amber mine.

Anne Klein – the past and the future

Written by Sher Matsen

Anne Klein –repparttar past andrepparttar 148442 future

Fashion designer Anne Klein was born Hannah Golofski in New York City. She started as a sketcher on Seventh Avenue in 1938. In 1948 she launched Junior Sophisticates and in 1968 Anne Klein & Co was born.

Anne Klein was a fashion pioneer well known for understanding what women wanted. She was known for creating chic, sophisticated, wearable comfortable clothes that women would wear. She designed sophisticated sportswear for young women. She knew each woman’s wardrobe needed a blazer, trousers, and separates. Her designs were very popular withinrepparttar 148443 USA. Her clothes were synonymous with American style and were relevant torepparttar 148444 lives ofrepparttar 148445 women she designed for. The sportswear of today has its basis in Anne Klein, who defined what what women’s sportswear should be. In 1968 Anne Klein launched Anne Klein & Co. The company goal was to design and market sportwear separates that could be mixed and matched. She became an industry leader overnight.

Anne Klein & Co continued to grow and received numerous honors and award. Just atrepparttar 148446 height of her success Anne Klein died in early 1974 from breast cancer. After years of financial difficulties and ownership changes Klein’s vision has once again becomerepparttar 148447 label’s guiding light. The company was recently taken over by Jones Apprale Group with Mark Mendelson taking over as president. Mark recently stated “The purpose of Anne Klein New York collection is to make fabulous clothes.” The company saysrepparttar 148448 changes are going to be gradual and subtle. The Anne Klein collection is now being designed by Michael Smaldone. You can findrepparttar 148449 Anne Klein Collection Online At Neimanmarcus Or Nordstrom*BO/tAXm6A-fn1GDIWS7xH3c4eapLbpkA

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