Amazons of E-Books: Two Women That Successfully Sell E-Books

Written by Noelani Rodriguez

For a long time I wasrepparttar only one I knew that sold e-books. I've been selling e-books for 7 years, and when I would say "I sell e-books" at parties, people would barely know what I was talking about for a long time.

I was shocked when a mutual friend told me about Julie Fast, a woman with several successful e-book sites including As it turns out she doesrepparttar 108363 same thing for a living as I--selling e-books, and lives right inrepparttar 108364 same area.

When I met her in a Portland, Oregon cafe forrepparttar 108365 first time, I stared at her like she wasrepparttar 108366 "missing link". I couldn't believe I was seeing someone that hadrepparttar 108367 same career as I did: selling e-books.

We both shared observations about our Google Adwords and Overture campaigns; we were both optimizing our customer service and e-mail re-marketing strategies. Having all these unique things in common was too good to be true.

Julie and I haverepparttar 108368 lifestyle of selling e-books in common as well, and it is all too often a guilty pleasure. It means having time time to do as you want to do, like writing that long put off card to a family member or friend. Or going torepparttar 108369 dog park more often. It means having to explain to relatives that work three jobs that you are skipping off to yet another vacation destination. And that maybe they could write some successful e-books too.

Preselling. Your Pathway to Success

Written by Chris Ryan

------- ---1--- -------

MYCPS!... The ONLY Book Of Its Kind

"Make Your Content PREsell!" ("MYCPS!") isrepparttar ONLY book of its kind. There are, of course, hundreds of books that teach you how to write,repparttar 108362 classic being...

----------------------- "The Elements of Style" by William Strunk Jr -----------------------

Only two problems with these "general writing" books...

1) They are so dry as to be almost unreadable. Medical textbooks are easier to read! ;-)

2) They have almost nothing to do withrepparttar 108363 REAL world.

-----SIDEBAR----- There is a certain irony about these books. After all, if there were truly written well, they'd COMMUNICATE far more effectively.

After all, THAT isrepparttar 108364 point of writing. How well does MYCPS! communicate? Take a look...

-----SIDEBAR----- Besides allrepparttar 108365 books on "general writing," there must be thousands MORE on how to write "sales copy." (Our own MYWS! continues to be a favorite!) And that's great, if you have something to sell. Even then,repparttar 108366 power of C-T-P-M has established that SELLING comes after PREselling...

Discover how to Create a Web site that Sells.

Yes indeed... thousands of books about all kinds of writing.

But MYCPS! isrepparttar 108367 ONLY book of its kind. It shows you, step by step, clearly...

1) how to write to COMMUNICATE

2) how to develop your own "voice" with flair and substance

3) how to spin your site/biz/SELF into a unique position

4) how to HONESTLY convince people to trust and like you.

No other book inrepparttar 108368 world shows you how to do this. So...

Why is THAT so important? Glad you asked... ;-) ------- ---2--- -------

Without The Right Skills, You're Doomed

The Web is a communication medium. Let's be more precise...

The Web is a TEXT communication medium.

Forrepparttar 108369 next 10 years (at least), text will remain THE way to communicate. During that time, you will make or break your business success, your very life possibly.

-----SIDEBAR---- Yes, The Web *is* a TEXT communication medium. "Text rules," and it will rule for AT LEAST 10 more years. Sure, high-speed access has finally reachedrepparttar 108370 50% mark. But, as I predicted years ago, it's taken much longer than anyone else was projecting. Now...

It will accelerate. And asrepparttar 108371 developed world becomes more and more of a 24 x 7 high-speed world, visual technologies will become more important (an interesting challenge for today's Search Engines).

But never, never, NEVER forget...

The Internet is *NOT* Microsoft or AOL or CNN. It's notrepparttar 108372 Fortune 500, at all.

So WHAT ISrepparttar 108373 "real Internet"?

It'srepparttar 108374 millions of small business people,repparttar 108375 countless "islands of expertise."

It's YOU.

Together,repparttar 108376 tens of millions of small business people providerepparttar 108377 Web withrepparttar 108378 diversity that makes it such a beautiful, rich experience.

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