Amazing Inisghts Of A Horse Training Expert From The 1800's !

Written by Andy Curry

Could a horse trainer, born about 154 years ago, teach us anything new today? Wouldrepparttar methods be old hat or would they be useful?

The answer is a resounding Yes!, they are enormously useful.

The horse training expert referred to is named Jesse Beery. Beery was a world famous horse trainer fromrepparttar 125798 late 1800's who possessed amazing ability with horses.

Fortunately, Beery's secrets remain after all these years. His information can be found in his book he wrote inrepparttar 125799 late 1800's. However, very few copies of his book exist. It is virtually impossible to find an original - much less one that is readable.

Here is a partial reading fromrepparttar 125800 first chapter of Beery's book:

Fear isrepparttar 125801 principal motive which causesrepparttar 125802 colt to resist training. It is natural for him to kick against an unknown object at his heels, to pull his head out ofrepparttar 125803 halter as from a trap, and if of a bad disposition, to strike and bite if he does not thoroughly understand you.

His fear is governed by his sense of touch, sight and hearing; and it is through these senses we obtain a mastery, and atrepparttar 125804 same time remove his fears ofrepparttar 125805 halter,repparttar 125806 robe,repparttar 125807 harness andrepparttar 125808 wagon. These arerepparttar 125809 fixed laws which governrepparttar 125810 actions of all horses, andrepparttar 125811 training of a colt is merely teaching him not to fearrepparttar 125812 working apparatus, but to respect his master, and to obey his commands as soon as he has learned their meaning.

A Horse Training Secret From The 1800's To Teach A Horse To Drive Without Lines!

Written by Andy Curry

Horse owners who are history buffs may recognizerepparttar name Jesse Beery. Beery was an enormously famous horse trainer fromrepparttar 125797 1800's and early 1900's.

He learned to train horses at a very young age. It was clear he had a gift for horse training and made it his life's work.

Amongrepparttar 125798 almost countless things Beery could do with a horse, he taught them tricks. One ofrepparttar 125799 most amazing tricks he taught was teaching a horse to drive without lines. (In layman's terms, you have no long reins (known as lines) connected torepparttar 125800 horse. The only connection torepparttar 125801 horse isrepparttar 125802 buggy hitched torepparttar 125803 horse) This trick almost defies belief!

Beery said this about driving a horse without lines: "While I do not advocate it as being a universally practical way of driving a horse, yet it is possible to so thoroughly trainrepparttar 125804 horse to certain signals that he can be controlled more reliably under excitement and in case of danger than it would be possible to manage him with bridle and lines."

Beery says there are a number of ways to teach this to a horse but suggests his method asrepparttar 125805 most reliable.

In a nutshell, Beery first turned his horse loose in an enclosure about twenty-five feet square. He would walk in with a whip and teachrepparttar 125806 horse to have confidence in him and not fearrepparttar 125807 whip. (The horse is never whipped).

Oncerepparttar 125808 horse has learned to come to handler atrepparttar 125809 command of "Come Here" and shows no fear ofrepparttar 125810 whip while it's gently waved over his head and body, and will followrepparttar 125811 handler all aboutrepparttar 125812 ring, then you have laid a good foundation for further instruction.

Putrepparttar 125813 horse away untilrepparttar 125814 next day whererepparttar 125815 horse learns signals ofrepparttar 125816 whip.

That process is as follows: Stand closerepparttar 125817 the horse's hip and take a short whip and tap lightly onrepparttar 125818 right shoulder untilrepparttar 125819 horse, in anticipation of driving a fly off, will swing his head around to whererepparttar 125820 tapping is. Step forward quickly and hand him a few oats, or a small piece of apple, almost inrepparttar 125821 act of turning his head around. Step back and continuerepparttar 125822 tapping and rewarding.

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