Amateur vs. Professional Poker Players

Written by Keith Freeman

I'm sick of these Amateurs! I hope *insert pro player's name here* wipesrepparttar floor with him!

That seems to be a common refrain in poker forums recently, in light of allrepparttar 116156 successrepparttar 116157 amateurs are enjoying. We ran a poll on my web site asking members to predict “Who will win WSOP 2004?" I think “a professional” beat “an amateur” by at least a 2:1 margin, and about 90% gave Chris Moneymaker hardly a snowball's chance at even makingrepparttar 116158 final few tables.

So whyrepparttar 116159 angst? Is it because ofrepparttar 116160 World Poker Tour coverage onrepparttar 116161 Travel Channel where so many ofrepparttar 116162 new players today saw and became infatuated with names like Phil Ivey and Howard Lederer and just can't stand watching their “horse” lose?

Lets considerrepparttar 116163 differences betweenrepparttar 116164 typical amateur and professional poker player at one of these expensive televised tournaments. First,repparttar 116165 amateur holds a regular job, albeit generally well paying. Remember “the Dentist” in World Poker Tour coverage? We probably won't be seeing “The Plumber” or “The Garbage Man” dropping several thousand dollars on a poker tournament inrepparttar 116166 near future. The professional onrepparttar 116167 other hand considers poker his full time job.

Poker Lessons at the Table

Written by Keith Freeman

I'm sure you've all seen it,repparttar fair to average player who can't help himself, and just has to jump in and tell a bad player what he is doing wrong. A few common quotes:

"You went in with that trash hand? Thats horrible! What does it take for you to start? 72o?"


"Do you even have a clue what you're doing"?

worse still, in 7 stud:

"Are you blind? Look at his porch!!"

Now, you tell me, who isrepparttar 116155 bigger fool? The fish playingrepparttar 116156 only way he knows how, orrepparttar 116157 table coach who is trying his best to either runrepparttar 116158 guy off or worse yet, actually make him think about how he plays?

In this information age, one can learn how to play poker quite well in a very short time by either browsing strategy articles and web sites, or buying a good poker strategy book. Being a webmaster at a poker strategy site, I tend to enjoy teaching people who show initiative and desire to learn,repparttar 116159 basics of poker strategy.

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