Am I insane or is this "Drive"?

Written by Chris De La Rosa

Do you sleep in onrepparttar weekends? When I worked my 9-5 job I would hear it allrepparttar 135954 time from coworkers.."I get to sleep in tomorrow". I can honestly say that I don't sleep in. You would think with working from home (set your own hours) that it would be very easy to take a couple hrs of extra sleep. Every day, including Saturdays and Sundays I wake between 6.30 and 7 am est as a rule, and I just don't wake up and then park my behind onrepparttar 135955 couch to watch tv... I get my tea and get doing something. My body is programmed to this routine. Here's how my day starts.. I get out of bed, putrepparttar 135956 kettle on for a cup of tea, while that is boiling I letrepparttar 135957 dog out inrepparttar 135958 back yard and start my computer. After lettingrepparttar 135959 dog in, I call up to my girls to get up for school and then grab my tea to go read my emails from overnight.

When I look back to my childhood I realize that onrepparttar 135960 weekend I would also get up early to get my chores done, so then I can haverepparttar 135961 rest ofrepparttar 135962 day to do as I please (with my parents permission that is) .

Do you have a To-Do list?

Written by Chris De La Rosa

I have a huge white board in my home office, about 4ft x friends laugh when they come over due torepparttar size of it. Here is where I plan my days. I'll be honest, my memory is not as great as it used to be as I tend to forget things that would never slip me before. Along with my huge white board I also have about 4 dry erase - red - green and black. here's how I used my board .. Every day I make a do to list (a section is also reserved for a monthly to-do list - big projects) I try to break uprepparttar 135953 board into 4 sections... 1. My personal websites - stuff that needs to get done. ( / / ..and others in development) 2. The sites that I offer support and consulting for. ( / 3. Things that I give myselfrepparttar 135954 month to accomplish. 4. Stuff I need to do aroundrepparttar 135955 change filters, small repairs etc.. Everyday I make a list ofrepparttar 135956 things that needs to get done for each ofrepparttar 135957 3 main categories usingrepparttar 135958 4 markers I mentioned earlier..

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