Alternative ways to avoid payday loan

Written by Angelina Rosario

If you spend more than you earn on a regular basis, it is a bad practice. To overcome this situation, if you opt for a payday loan, it will be a “risky solution”. Payday loan companies often takerepparttar advantages of your need and lead you in debt trap. The most obvious disadvantage of payday loan is High cost. The APR of payday loan varies between 400% to 800%. Think about your investments even on a high interest stock, you can get an annual return of 20% to 30% for investment on a stock although investments on stocks are considered as “high risk”. So, consider about allrepparttar 147509 possible alternative ways before opting for a payday loan cash advance.

•Payday loan borrowing situation arises due to bad financial planning. I suggest you to prepare a realistic budget atrepparttar 147510 beginning of each month in order to keeprepparttar 147511 balance between your earnings and spending. Avoid unnecessary purchases. Also save some money each and every month. Your savings will be counted atrepparttar 147512 time of crisis. Consider taking help from a consumer credit counseling bureau.

•Ask your creditors to give you a favor by waiting until your next payday. If you can manage them to do so, you need not to borrowrepparttar 147513 loan and thus you can save 15-30 USD by not payingrepparttar 147514 loan interest!

•Use your credit card for making urgent payments. Usually credit card loan’s interest rate is very low; even you have to pay nothing as interest if you repayrepparttar 147515 loan within a month. Again you save $15-$30 by not payingrepparttar 147516 loan interest.

•Ask your banker or a credit union for a short-term loan. The costs of these loans are such that you can easily afford.

•Ask your employer to provide you with a portion of your salary as advance so that you can cope up with your emergency bills.

•Consider in borrowing money from your friends or relatives. Actually for a time lag of 1-2 weeks nobody will prefer not to provide yourepparttar 147517 money (I strongly believe so!) unless you had a bad credit history with him or her. Thus you will meet your money requirements with no interest charges at all! Also think aboutrepparttar 147518 harassments if you can’t be able to repayrepparttar 147519 loan at specific date torepparttar 147520 payday lender!!

Subprime Mortgage Lenders - Helpful Tips When Getting A Subprime Mortgage Loan

Written by Carrie Reeder

If you have bad credit history, no down payment or difficult to prove income and are looking to get approved for a home mortgage loan, you will probably need to look at subprime mortgage lenders to help you. To see a list of our recommended subprime mortgage lenders you can click onrepparttar link below.

There are a few things to know about subprime mortgages lenders. They specialize in providing mortgage loans for people with less than ideal situations, whether it be difficult to prove income, low or poor credit scores (most oftenrepparttar 147507 case with subprime mortgages), or no down payment (this factor alone will not necessarily put you inrepparttar 147508 subprime loan category).

The interest rate on a subprime mortgage loans will be higher than any other type of mortgage loan where credit, income and down payment are all optimal. However, with subprime mortgage loans, as a borrower, you need to be careful about a few things when dealing with subprime mortgage lenders.

The interest rate with subprime mortgages can vary greatly. There are some subprime mortgage lenders that, forrepparttar 147509 same set of qualifications, can offer an interest rate of say, 7%, which is a little above average, and then there will be others who will quote 9-12% or more. Now, if this is all forrepparttar 147510 same qualifications, you could be talking about hundreds of dollars a month extra in payments just because you are not getting a fair interest rate for your qualification. This is whererepparttar 147511 borrower needs to be careful. Make sure you are gettingrepparttar 147512 best interest rate possible with your subprime lender. Some subprime lenders take advantage of borrowers with bad credit or hard to approve situations, and they charge much more in interest than what is fair for torepparttar 147513 borrower.

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