Along The Well Traveled Path...

Written by June McHardy

Along The Well Traveled Path... 2001 June McHardy

I've always been a reader!

I've always hauntedrepparttar local library - still do - but when we were going through some bad times several years ago, I discovered a whole new classification of books and tapes. Motivational and inspirational ones.

After a bad day, I could immerse myself in "Real Magic" by Wayne Dyer, and know that there were possibilities out there after all. This book taught me that meditation doesn't need to be done in a specific way but that you can simply sit by yourself quietly, for 30 to 60 minutes and you'll come up with numerous exciting solutions!

Bob Proctor's "You were Born Rich" was my constant companion for many years. It's dog-eared now, but it taught me that riches include many things in our lives besides money and we need to be grateful for each and every one.

Every time I drove my car I listened to cassette tapes, including Brian Tracy's "The Psychology of Success" tapes or "Possibity Thinking" by Robert H. Schuller and somehow, it gradually dawned on me that this assistance is always present and available to us in our lives, in good times and in bad.


Written by June McHardy


I've always known how important it is to have goals. And that once you have a written goal you must take some action towards achieving it. I just didn't expect to have it pointed out to me so graphically asrepparttar day I started to feel a little less than confident about my car!

I'd better start atrepparttar 123882 beginning. For a while now,repparttar 123883 car has needed some work done on it. After all, it's isn't getting any younger and I've been starting to feel a vague dissatisfaction about it. One day, my husband and I were out for a drive. We'd just been through a very bad time with our business and were listening to something motivational on tape to buoy ourselves up. This specific tape once again stressed that there are no limits to what we can be, have or do if we just makerepparttar 123884 decision.

No limits? REALLY? O.K. then, why not have a Mercedes! Since we were out for a drive anyway, we took a small detour over torepparttar 123885 local Mercedes dealer. Oh boy! there were some great cars there! A couple of older models really caught my eye and I could see that we could indeed plan on owning a Mercedes some day, and who knows - maybe sooner than we think! We drove home wondering how to make it a reality.

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