All you need to know about the feng shui bagua map

Written by Jakob Jelling

The feng shui bagua map is an octagonal shaped map which allows you to evaluate in feng shui terms any living or working space. The feng shui bagua is a very important feng shui tool and indispensable when we wish to harmonize a place andrepparttar elements in it.

According torepparttar 116134 feng shui bagua map, each part of your house corresponds to a different life aspect. The life aspects are nine and each one of them has its own characteristics and elements. By properly harmonizing each ofrepparttar 116135 bagua areas within your home or working place, you will be harmonizing each area of your life.

The nine life areas symbolized inrepparttar 116136 feng shui bagua are: prosperity, fame and reputation, relationships and love, family, health, creativity and children, skills and knowledge, helpful people and travel, and career. Prosperity isrepparttar 116137 area which you should pay attention to when you are having money related problems, its color is purple andrepparttar 116138 elements you should use in it are wood and water.

The feng shui bagua life area called fame and reputation isrepparttar 116139 one which should be paid attention to when wishing a reputation improvement of any kind; it is represented byrepparttar 116140 color red and its most important elements are fire and wood. Relationships and love area isrepparttar 116141 one which should be improved when looking for starting or improving a relationship of any kind; its color is pink andrepparttar 116142 elements are earth and fire.

Use feng shui coins to increase your income

Written by Jakob Jelling

Feng shui coins can allow you, among other things, to increase your income. By keeping three coins tied with a read thread, you would protect your already existing income as well as increase it. According to Chinese traditions, three coins tied that way symbolize prosperity and income protection.

By carrying these three tied coins with yourself you could attract personal wealth, as well as by using these feng shui coins in your house would bring prosperity and wealth for all its occupants. Number three symbolizes heaven, man and earth united, and it is a lucky number as well.

Carrying them with you would also attract helpful people to you and receive help when you need it. You can also give feng shui coins to those you love as a present; it would be a symbolic, creative and helpful gift to give. You can combinerepparttar coins representation with different numbers symbolism, achieving this way, different desired effects.

According to feng shui specifications,repparttar 116133 best house area for placing feng shui coins isrepparttar 116134 northwest. According torepparttar 116135 bagua map,repparttar 116136 northwest of any space corresponds torepparttar 116137 prosperity life area, and therefore, placing feng shui coins there would be very helpful and beneficial. You can also use them in order to protect or increaserepparttar 116138 income at a business by placing these coins byrepparttar 116139 cash register or any other place containing money.

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