All the Same

Written by Joyce C. Lock

When a friend shared how her counselor had said that Godís chosen people were His favorite, that there are some He loves more, you can bet I came up for air.

I can only imagine how horrible that would be if I even thought that God couldnít love me as much as He does others. Were that true, we could never find our rightful place with Him.

I seerepparttar same mentality in Christians. Some think saving souls is everything. Some give their all to ministering to Christians. Some think lovingrepparttar 126922 Jew is what is going to bring them acceptance, favor, and reward from God.

But, God said, "Sow beside all waters," Is. 32:20. His vengeance is promised forrepparttar 126923 Jew and Christian, alike. His blessings are promised for all areas of service given byrepparttar 126924 heart. Each and every calling is equally important. God didnít pick a favorite.

Our Secret Chamber

Written by Alma Norman

The heart is our secret chamber Known only to God. It can hold love or hate; It depends much on The choices that we make.

We can decide to be happy; Love God and his word. And berepparttar servant that God Wants us to be; And that which he deserves.

We can let bitterness and anger Breed into our hearts. Then we've allowed Satan To come in and Allowed God to depart.

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