All The E-mails I Can Handle.

Written by Christopher Michaels

When you, and if you, or your business is ready to grow with me. Let me know by sending me a link or an email. This will help and improverepparttar growing of a fresh and new web business that I have created. Since this isrepparttar 109650 first time I have owned my own business, andrepparttar 109651 first time for me onrepparttar 109652 net

Free Email Accounts

Written by Richard Lowe

Most ofrepparttar people onrepparttar 109649 planet userepparttar 109650 email accounts that come with their internet provider service for their personal email. These are included inrepparttar 109651 price ofrepparttar 109652 service, so most people just use them because they don't know any better. I'd guess that outside of such services as AOL, WebTV andrepparttar 109653 like, virtually everyone just uses an email client such as Outlook Express and their ISP's included email accounts.

When I began onrepparttar 109654 internet, I simply used my AOL account to collect my email. It was simple (far simpler than just about anything else, actually) because is was included withrepparttar 109655 AOL package. Once you set up AOL there was no configuration of any kind. You just usedrepparttar 109656 email browser and you were all set.

After I moved to Pacbell, I simply began usingrepparttar 109657 Pacbell email account that was provided as part ofrepparttar 109658 service. It's simple, after all, and better yet, it doesn't cost anything at all.

Later, like many people, I learned about services such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail and Excite mail. I got very excited, because these services solved several problems for me.

First and most importantly, by using my Hotmail account I could receive and send email from everywhere that had web access. While in theory I could dorepparttar 109659 same with my Pacbell account, it was a hassle. Hotmail neatly solved that problem. True,repparttar 109660 web interface was no where near as nice as that provided by Outlook Express, but it was usable and convenient.

On top of that, as I began promoting my own web sites, I found that there are good reasons not to use your own private email account. I learnedrepparttar 109661 hard way, of course, by submitting my site to one of those FFA services and using my own personal email account address. I must have received 10,000 emails in a period of a couple of hours! All junk (the reason FFA lists exist is in exchange for a linkrepparttar 109662 list owner gets to send you one or more promotional email messages) and most even downright silly. Years later I was still getting an occasional email message as a result of that one mistake.

The next time I submitted to an FFA list (before I learned how silly these things are) I got a little smarter and opened a Hotmail account. All ofrepparttar 109663 email messages were directed to that mailbox, which I deleted a few days later. This saved me from getting tons of spam and wading through an incredible number of absolutely useless junk.

The final problem was anonymity. There are times onrepparttar 109664 internet when not giving out one's personal email address is a good idea. I foundrepparttar 109665 email boxes at Mail.Com were perfect for this purpose. It requires only a few minutes to create a mailbox which is more-or-less untraceable. While I have not had any real use for this kind of anonymity, I mention it because it is one major reason some people use free email accounts.

Ah, but there are some disadvantages to using free email accounts. First off,repparttar 109666 ISP based email account's major disadvantage is simply that it is linked to your ISP. If you move or change ISP's, then you have to change your email address. This means changing every newsletter that you receive, every product update, notifying every friend and other person who sends you email, and so forth. Believe me it is a major hassle to change an email address.

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