All That Flapping About Has To Stop

Written by Holmes Charnley

What a pleasant man that Rick Stein is. Onlyrepparttar other night, as I tucked into Mrs Holmes’ latest offering and flicked throughrepparttar 118203 channels before settling down with his show (yes, another TV dinner) was I really made aware of this.

Pleasant-ish anyway. He seems a little heavy handed with his ingredients at times -when they’re still alive- for my taste but I’m not overly worried by this. I think that’s just twinges on my part because I’m still feeling guilty about falling offrepparttar 118204 vegetarian wagon. The pheasant shoot he went on recently still sticks in my throat however.

Last night, he was waxing lyrical about an upsurge inrepparttar 118205 nation’s enjoyment of Cornish sardines. When called pilchards, there was no demand, no call for them. But Cornish sardines are a whole different kettle of fish entirely. (Well, no they’re not, they’rerepparttar 118206 same species.) It would appearrepparttar 118207 name change has added romance and flavour.

He quite often enjoys going torepparttar 118208 source of his dishes. Last night’s programme involved a trawler trip. I just wish he hadn’t pawedrepparttar 118209 fish, held them aloft, whilst they were still alive. The dreadful flapping andrepparttar 118210 bulging eyes were a little off-putting. I think this particular fish was wishing to god it was still called a pilchard. Less demand, more time inrepparttar 118211 sea, it reasoned. Not unreasonably…

I think it’s his evident enjoyment inrepparttar 118212 whole cooking experience that I find so endearing. An obvious enjoyment, whilst remaining wholly down-to-earth is a winning combination. No airs and graces, no nouvelle cuisine, just a man with a pleasant manner and a straightforward recipe.

I was still pondering this today when I came across a snippet of information regarding Jamie Oliver. In many ways,repparttar 118213 antithesis of Rick Stein. Tempting though it is, I’m not going to unleash onrepparttar 118214 boy. He’s got a lisp, he’srepparttar 118215 perfect example of a mockney, but it’s all been said before. Let’s leave it. The information regarding Mr Oliver was aproposrepparttar 118216 Sainsbury’s adverts he’s starred in. “Starred” here isrepparttar 118217 operative word. How can someone, though undeniably a whizz inrepparttar 118218 kitchen, become a personality? It seems very strange.

As Stephen Fry said, upon winning Celebrity Mastermind: “The word ofrepparttar 118219 epoch: Celebrity.” You can’t have celebrity chefs any more than you can celebrity plumbers. But of course, oncerepparttar 118220 bourgeois have sunk their teeth in, logic spirals out of control. They adore posh nosh, therefore we have celebrity chefs.

Asylum Seekers: Now With Wings

Written by Holmes Charnley

It seems inconceivable that a bird table could lead to thoughts about asylum seeking, but this seems to berepparttar case.

It all started innocently enough, of course. With winter now upon us, I thought it would be a nice idea to buy a bird table, to bring back memories of a childhood where my parents stuck some bacon rind up on a branch, bought merepparttar 118202 Observer’s Book of Birds and left me to it.

Whichever hobby they decided on for me, there was always an Observer’s book involved and a hope that I would then get on with it.

Anyway, torepparttar 118203 local shop for a bird table. Mightily expensive they turned out to be, so rather than a mahogany table, replete with eaves and a foot spa, we returned home with a round mesh with a stick in it and a packet of peanuts. I had attempted to go torepparttar 118204 counter with bird seed, rather than peanuts. I was calmly informed thatrepparttar 118205 seed was smaller thanrepparttar 118206 mesh and would merely have left a trail.

Not a problem. Peanuts it was then and by day three,repparttar 118207 birds arrived. Well,repparttar 118208 Tit family anyway and that’s more than good enough for me. It really is a delight, andrepparttar 118209 children are as excited as I’d hoped they would be.

Hang on, one second… (“No dear, that’s not a Peregrine, that’s still a Great Tit!”)

So, as I say, we have, if nothing else, been inundated withrepparttar 118210 Tit family. We needed to identifyrepparttar 118211 different breeds within this family, so a little bit of research has revealed that so far, we have had a Great Tit, a Blue Tit, a Coal Tit and also a Marsh Tit. No Crested Tit, though. These have grey-brown upper parts, whitish under parts and a black and white head with, funnily enough, a crest on it. These, you see, are only found inrepparttar 118212 Caledonian forests of Scotland and I live inrepparttar 118213 middle of Devon.

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