All Roads Lead To Rome

Written by John Colanzi

All Roads Lead to Rome by John Colanzi

Inrepparttar ancient world, long before telephones, computers and other modern methods of doing business, Rome was a hub of commerce.

The merchants ofrepparttar 117742 day had a saying, "All roads lead to Rome."

Luckily with our modern tools and equipment we no longer have such limitations.

The more things change,repparttar 117743 more they stayrepparttar 117744 same. The ancient Appian Way, has been replaced byrepparttar 117745 "Information Super Highway."

Just asrepparttar 117746 ancient merchants and traders had a hub of commerce, you should have a central hub for directing your traffic.

It took me a long time to figure that out and it's taken me even longer to implement that strategy.

If you're serious about your success, all roads onrepparttar 117747 "Information Super Highway," should lead to your list.

It's no secret thatrepparttar 117748 marketers makingrepparttar 117749 biggest profits, haverepparttar 117750 biggest targeted lists.

The Right Stuff

Written by BB Lee


(Find Out Now! If You Have The "Right Stuff" To Succeed In A Home Based Business)

Are you serious about owning or operating a home business? Well, there are a few things you should know. Many successful business owners have very similar traits that have pavedrepparttar way to their success. Take this test to see if you have any of these traits. This test will also point out where you need improvement.

Answer yes or no torepparttar 117741 following questions.

1. I've specific experience in this business.

2. I am very organized.

3. I am very detailed oriented.

4. I know how to sell services at a price to make a profit.

5. I am highly motivated to be successful.

6. I enjoy this work tremendously.

7. My family supports my business idea.

8. I have enough finances to see me throughrepparttar 117742 first few years.

9. Every home based biz venture needs a business plan.

10. I am willing to work alone for long periods.

11. I'm in good enough health to endure long hours.

12. I've researched my targeted market.

13. People consider me a real go-getter.

14. I enjoy planning ahead and then carrying outrepparttar 117743 plan.

15. I have a mentor or a friend who I query for advice.

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