All In The Mind

Written by Alvin Poh

“In life, if you give yourself a concession, you’d take it” -Alvin Poh

As part of my exercise regime when I was younger, I made it a point to have a run around my neighbourhood as often as I could. Although when I say “as often as I could”, it usually meant only once every week, or none at all. But I was still proud ofrepparttar fact that I ran. The route was pretty tough for me, with slopes and small hills, and finishing every run gave me a sense of accomplishment and made me feel healthier and fitter.

Anyone who runs knows that you will always haverepparttar 134998 urge to give up, or to cut short your route. Whenrepparttar 134999 going gets tough, you go home and relax. It’s human nature. And this is what is going to berepparttar 135000 main topic of this book - Overcoming human nature.

The fact really is that many of us haverepparttar 135001 potential to perform, and to excel. What do you think ofrepparttar 135002 quote you see atrepparttar 135003 top ofrepparttar 135004 page? Do you agree with it? This quote was actually invented during one of my runs. I remembered thatrepparttar 135005 day was exceptionally hot, but I had missed a few days of exercise, andrepparttar 135006 sedentary lifestyle was getting to me. So I went to put on my running shoes, and started on my usual route. I was like a caged-up dog finally let loose, and practically pranced downrepparttar 135007 stairs torepparttar 135008 street. My mind was full of high-energy, positive thoughts:

“This is great! I’m finally going out – Time to work those legs!”

“I’m raring to go! Lemme have ‘em!”

When I hitrepparttar 135009 pavement, I let go of my pent-up energy, and really ran. I was fresh as a daisy, and ran withrepparttar 135010 wind in my hair. It felt really good. I was f-r-e-e!

Ten minutes later, I couldn’t have felt worse. The heat was getting unbearable, andrepparttar 135011 humidity was horrible. I was sweating profusely, and my legs felt like lead. The initial freshness had all gone away, and I was feeling like hell.

This was when little specks of negativity started to appear in my head.

“I shouldn’t be out here in this weather. I should be resting at home.”

“I’m risking heat exhaustion here.”

“I run a lot anyway – what’s one run less?”

”That hill in front’s so long…I should probably just turn back.”

With every one that came into my head, my perseverance dwindled. Every negative thought that came into my mind seemed to take root, grow, and multiply. And with every negative thought, my steps grew smaller, and slower. My lungs felt constricted, and I had an overwhelming urge to stop.

Interestingly, I think I felt almost like how those cartoon characters would, with a small devil and angel quarrelling above my head.

This was whenrepparttar 135012 realisation suddenly struck me though. The thought hit me square onrepparttar 135013 face, and I could have sworn that there was even a loud “wham!” when it connected.

Are Men and Women Really from Different Planets?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Are men really from Mars, and women from Venus?

The age-old question as to 'what women want,' is still left unanswered to men. Even when we reflect uponrepparttar 2000 film, What Women Want - lead character, Nick Marshall (played by Mel Gibson) seems to have allrepparttar 134997 answers. But does he really?

Is it an inevitable fact that men and women are predestined not to clearly understand one another?

I vividly recall a playtime conversation between my son and daughter when they were just preschoolers. In amusement, I watched as my son took his metal matchbox cars and drove them all over his roadmap carpet. 'Vroom...vroom...' he mumbled. And there beside him, sat my three-year old daughter, tightly clasping her little fingers around her own two cars. Adamantly, she waved them in front of her older brother's face and attempted to make her cars have 'dialogue' with his cars. After a few moments of no response, (other than 'vroom, vroom'), my daughter quickly became frustrated.

She folded her arms and marched over to me, "...Mom, Ryan isn't playing right," she said matter-of-factly.

Initially, I wanted to chuckle but I knew she was quite serious. I asked her, "...what do you mean - he is not playing right?"

She blew out a huff and responded, "...I want his cars to talk to my cars and all he does is crash his cars into mine!"

Peering over her head, I saw that my son was unnerved and oblivious to his sister's obvious irritation. While she stood there with absolute disgust, he continued playing with his metal vehicles.

It was at that point that I let out a little giggle, and I gave her a simple answer, "...sweetie, boys like to play and girls like to talk."

It may not have beenrepparttar 134998 answer she was seeking, but this tiny event has shed some light to a wide-spectrum issue in two, very different sexes. Throughout life, I have personally learned that men are action-oriented, whereas women are interaction-oriented. And from personal experience, I have seen that many of these attributes are innate traits stemming back to prehistoric times where males were considered hunter/gatherers and females, considered nurturers.

While human evolution has dramatically evolved with modern technology; longer, healthier life spans and overall improved communication skills - it seems that men and women still do not speakrepparttar 134999 same language.

Inherently, men use interactions to fulfill essential purposes: entertainment, information communication, task completion, and other related needs. Women onrepparttar 135000 other hand, prefer to interact to deepen levels of relationships - to better understand their counterpart, or to bring about resolution through interaction. In other words, when men and women communicate, we hearrepparttar 135001 same dialogue, but we perceive and practice verbal communications very differently.

As withrepparttar 135002 case of my own two children, my son was absolutely clueless to my daughter's aggravation because he was preoccupied with his own actions. My daughter, however, was intent on interacting with him, and could not understand why he was ignoring her.

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