All I have is a Shirt

Written by Val K

I have nothing. No dream châteaux with Ferraris parked in front. No chauffeur driven May Bach, an office on wheels with a bar. Neither do I dress to work in a ten thousand dollar Armani suit, though I wish I could, looking likerepparttar men who model them in fashion magazines, six foot two, their features square.

All I have is a shirt.


Written by Val K

I will wear sunglasses so as to hiderepparttar tears which form in my eyes for a man is not supposed to cry, so they say, and because of this: my heart I have kept in a safe.

But I will wear sunglasses allrepparttar 136287 same for I am emotional as poets come as emotional as Thomas who found solace in a bottle as emotional as Byron who went to Avalon without a drink.

For my feelings I carry with me, visible for you to see like Ernst’s apple stuck to a forehead.

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