All I Really Needed to Know About List Building | I Learned From Stephen King!

Written by Titus Hoskins

All I Really Needed to Know About List Building | I Learned From Stephen King!

I have always been an avid reader of Stephen King's writings overrepparttar years, he's one ofrepparttar 141276 few authors that I can safely say I have read everything he has written. Granted, I am a couple of years behind, but I do manage to catch up as I getrepparttar 141277 time and opportunity to read him.

Most of his work is pure fluff or entertainment but some of his writings (Different Seasons comes quickly to mind) is some ofrepparttar 141278 Best Writing America has produced inrepparttar 141279 last 50 years or so. Inrepparttar 141280 same light, (in my humble opinion) Stephen King is one ofrepparttar 141281 best writers America has produced inrepparttar 141282 last 50 years.

Totally underrated mainly because ofrepparttar 141283 'genre' of his writing - he'srepparttar 141284 perfect example of a 'stereotyped writer' outperforming many ofrepparttar 141285 stereotypes most critics find that brings down his writing. Once you have been typecasted, it's extremely difficult to break out ofrepparttar 141286 mold that many people, rightly or wrongly, have pigeon holed you into.

Regardless, whether you're onrepparttar 141287 '+' or '-' side of Stephen King... I am firmly inrepparttar 141288 '+' column... you should look at him for his 'list building' techniques!


Stephen King and List Building? What's up with that?

List building is all about building a direct personal relationship with your contacts, prospects, or subscribers. Readers must feel a direct connection with you; someone they can trust and relate to in an one-on-one situation.

Your communications should have this friendly, causal feel as if you're talking to a close confident or pal. It must touch your reader on a purely personal level or you will not succeed in building a good relationship.

Stephen King, in many of his books' Post Scripts or Author's Forwards, speaks directly to his readers. These communications are friendly, chatty, and intimate - like direct conversations with a close contact over a cup of hot coffee on a Misty Maine Morning. Constant Reader please listen up, I have something to tell ya!

Overrepparttar 141289 years, no doubt, these 'Direct Letters' to his 'Constant Readers' have built up a fierce loyal readership that probably has more of a direct correlation to his sales than many people would admit or could imagine.

Speleotherapy and asthma, allergy and other respiratory diseases

Written by LTiba

Speleotherapy or underground climatotherapy is an alternative or complementary method of therapy for asthma and other respiratory diseases that is used in Eastern and Central Europe for many, many years.

This involve spending 2-4 hours a day underground, in salt caves or mines for over 2-3 months period, butrepparttar results are impressive. The salt micro particles, salt dust, reachrepparttar 140684 lung alveoli, bronchi, bronchioles and clear allrepparttar 140685 airway passages, in upper and lower respiratory tract. Due torepparttar 140686 fact thatrepparttar 140687 inhaled saline has mucokinetic, bactericide, hydrophilic and anti inflammatory properties, will help to reduce inflammation leading to widening ofrepparttar 140688 airway passages, kill bacteria and restorerepparttar 140689 normal transport ofrepparttar 140690 mucus and unclogrepparttar 140691 blockages.

Although not known in North America, salt therapy is an old and very popular method of therapy inrepparttar 140692 Balkans, Europe. There are many salt sanatoriums inrepparttar 140693 heart ofrepparttar 140694 salt mountain and doctors are involved in clinical researches, in some countriesrepparttar 140695 treatment being covered byrepparttar 140696 health minister.

An old study describes a speleotherapy course which was 4 hours a day for 6-8 weeks, with 100 COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and asthma patients and reported improvement which lasted 6 months to 7 years (Skulimowski, 1965). Similar studies are published in Pub Med (MEDLINE) from Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Russia.

Recent clinical study at Pulmonary Clinic, Ambulatory Section, Timisoara, Romania, on a lot of 30 patients (19 Asthma, 11 Chronic Bronchitis) revealed that use of a speleotherapy device (also called Halotherapy device) for a time period of one year significantly reducedrepparttar 140697 sore throat, nasal obstruction, snoring, cough, sputum secretion, associated rhinitis, annual hospitalization andrepparttar 140698 symptomatic medication intake. Also have shown significant improvement of sputum elimination, olfactory sense recovery (smell, taste), sleep at night, morning condition and clinical state.

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