All About Links -- Interview with link building expert , Bob Gladstein

Written by Julia Hyde

Julia: Welcome Bob. Thank you for takingrepparttar time to answer my questions about link building. I'm going to jump right in ask you why Web sites need links?

Bob: There are a number of reasons to have links pointing to your site. But let’s start withrepparttar 127929 reason they were created inrepparttar 127930 first place. The original purpose ofrepparttar 127931 Internet was to enablerepparttar 127932 sharing of information. For example, if a scholarly paper existed on a server atrepparttar 127933 University of California, and a professor at Oxford wanted to read it,repparttar 127934 Internet made that instantly possible. Now, ifrepparttar 127935 Oxford professor had a paper that referenced information fromrepparttar 127936 UC paper, they could link directly to that other document rather than just quoting from it. So a hyperlink was intended as a way of connecting data, ideas, and references together. It’s like saying, “if you’d like further information on this topic, here’s a place to find it.”

Whenrepparttar 127937 Google search engine was created, its developers took this into account. And drewrepparttar 127938 conclusion that a link was an indication thatrepparttar 127939 page being linked to was relevant to some particular subject-matter.

So that’s a rather long introduction to a short answer to your question. Web sites need links because they send traffic that’s already targeted to their subject matter to other sites, and because they helprepparttar 127940 search engines determine both their theme and whatrepparttar 127941 web as a community deems their importance to be. Basically (although not absolutely),repparttar 127942 more links that point to a page,repparttar 127943 more relevant that page is determined to be. In addition, links are now consideredrepparttar 127944 most reliable way (apart from paying) to get a site intorepparttar 127945 search engines inrepparttar 127946 first place.

While both Google and Yahoo allow you to submit a site to their index, it’s clear thatrepparttar 127947 best way to getrepparttar 127948 search engines to pay attention to your site is to get a page that their spiders already know about to link to yours. The spiders then follow that link to your site, and add it to their index.

Julia: Thanks, Bob. But there are different types of links aren't there? Can you explain differences?

Bob: As we discussed inrepparttar 127949 previous question, there are text links from other sites. Some of these are reciprocal (that is, they link to you and you link back to them) and others are one-way (the owner ofrepparttar 127950 other site decides, for whatever reason, to link to your site and doesn’t expect you to link back).There are also image links: banners, buttons, etc. These haverepparttar 127951 advantage of standing out visually fromrepparttar 127952 rest ofrepparttar 127953 page, but many people have become immune torepparttar 127954 standard banner ad and just ignore them, because it’s assumed they’re just advertisements, and as such, not necessarily relevant torepparttar 127955 page on which they appear.

Then there are directory listings, where a link to your site appears on a page containing links to numerous other sites in whatrepparttar 127956 directory editor has determined to be your particular niche.

An important thing to consider regarding getting a link isrepparttar 127957 code behind it. If your primary concern is to send traffic to your site, this isn’t important. In that case, what you need to think about is whetherrepparttar 127958 link is going to sendrepparttar 127959 right people to you. But if you wantrepparttar 127960 link to be recognized byrepparttar 127961 search engines and to contribute to your ranking in searches, you needrepparttar 127962 link to be in simple HTML, without JavaScript or other code that will hiderepparttar 127963 link from search engine spiders.

There are also links that won’t help you at all, or will put you in danger of losing your position onrepparttar 127964 search engines. Guestbook spam,repparttar 127965 practice of going to a site’s guest book area and posting a message like “Nice site. Come visit mine, at…” will do you no good. The search engines know that such links carry no value, and just ignore them. The same is true for free-for-all links pages, on which you can immediately add a link to any site, without any editorial oversight.

Link farms are a far more dangerous subject. These are networks of sites that are heavily cross-linked and offer to link to you as long as you link back intorepparttar 127966 network, or host a page on your site that serves as a directory of sites thatrepparttar 127967 link farm has linked to. The idea here is to abuserepparttar 127968 power search engines give to links by exponentially increasingrepparttar 127969 number of links to your site, without regard for theme or value. You link intorepparttar 127970 farm, and you have hundreds, perhaps thousands of links pointing back to you. Butrepparttar 127971 links are only there to increase link popularity. The sites on whichrepparttar 127972 links reside are not intended to actually be viewed by people; they’re just intended to give search engine spidersrepparttar 127973 mistaken impression that your site is extraordinarily popular.

Julia: So, what'srepparttar 127974 best way to get legitimate and relevant sites to link to yours?

Bob: Before you can get a site to link to yours, you first have to find it. You need to do research onrepparttar 127975 subject-matter of your site by searching onrepparttar 127976 keywords you hope people will use to find it. The results of those searches will give you a list of sites that are already performing well for those keywords. You should then study those sites, so that you can write torepparttar 127977 webmaster and request a link in such a way that demonstrates that you understandrepparttar 127978 purpose of their site. And give reasons as to why you think their audience will find your site of interest.

You can buy links from sites as well, sometimes on a single page, and sometimes all acrossrepparttar 127979 site. These are just like any other form of advertising. So before you part with your money you need to determine if they’re worthrepparttar 127980 purchase price by deciding if they’ll send you enough ofrepparttar 127981 right traffic. That’s why sites that offerrepparttar 127982 opportunity to buy links will make claims about how much traffic they get and how their audience is made up of “decision makers.”

Finally, there are directories, which normally require you to drill down to findrepparttar 127983 most relevant category for your listing. You can then (depending onrepparttar 127984 directory) either contact them with your information, or fill out a form onrepparttar 127985 directory itself and request a listing.

Keyword Density - Are You Getting the Right Result?

Written by Andy Theekson

When checking keyword density, would it shock you to knowrepparttar results from using different analyzer's can differ by over 150%. I used 5 analyzer's and rarely got close torepparttar 127928 same keyword count or word count with any of them.

If you're using an analyzer to optimize web pages for keyword density and you should, it's important to measure keyword density to see ifrepparttar 127929 right figure's achieved. When using a keyword density analyzer how do you know ifrepparttar 127930 analyzer's givingrepparttar 127931 right density & what'srepparttar 127932 right density anyway ?

I set about trying 5 analyzer's on 5 different pages ranked from position 1 to 30 on I wanted to see how important keyword density was to ranking order and findrepparttar 127933 right figure.

If you don't know what keyword density is, it'srepparttar 127934 number of keyword's divided byrepparttar 127935 word count onrepparttar 127936 page expressed as a percentage. So, 20 keyword's on a page with a total word count of 500 should be 20/500 or a keyword density of 4%. As we'll see, it's not quite so simple.

A keyword density of between 2% to 20% for a page is often quoted as a target figure. Personally I think at 20% you would be regarded byrepparttar 127937 search engine as spamming (to much repetition) for which you could find your site penalised. It would also not make very interesting reading.

It might seem obvious to say, but there are only two ways to get higher keyword density. One is more frequent use ofrepparttar 127938 keyword or phrase,repparttar 127939 other is having fewer words.

It's only when using an analyzer to look at keyword density, you start to realise how difficult & time consuming it can be to reach keyword density figures of 4 to 5% never mind anything higher. Reducingrepparttar 127940 words on a page often seems likerepparttar 127941 easier answer to improving density.

Some optimizer's believe that some search engines look at word count as well as density. It then adds a weighting factor against a page with a low count, compared to say another page withrepparttar 127942 same density but a higher word count.

But is it true, or a theory and what's an acceptable word count ?

A well known and respected analyzer that many optimizer's use, for recommended a total word count of 505 to 795 with 436 to 629 words inrepparttar 127943 body text.

I carried out an experiment on running a query onrepparttar 127944 exact phrase "keyword density" and then used a keyword density analyzer to determinerepparttar 127945 density & word count for chosen pages inrepparttar 127946 Google rankings.

Each page was stored torepparttar 127947 hard drive to ensurerepparttar 127948 software was analyzingrepparttar 127949 same page each time. Forrepparttar 127950 exact phrase "keyword density" there were 55,100 other competing pages on Google.

Keyword Density onrepparttar 127951 total page

The table this section refers to is at: Table 1

Inrepparttar 127952 keyword density columnrepparttar 127953 1st figure is for "keyword" and in brackets for "density". Only position 30 complies withrepparttar 127954 analyzers recommended total word count!

Fromrepparttar 127955 keyword density analyzer results it's clearrepparttar 127956 No.1 position is not being significantly penalised for only having a word count of 161 and neither is No.10 with 102 words when compared torepparttar 127957 others.

Interestinglyrepparttar 127958 No.10 & 19 positions have almost identical keyword density, still with low word count, butrepparttar 127959 one with lower count getsrepparttar 127960 higher ranking.

We know keyword density is notrepparttar 127961 only factor to determine page rank. What about keywords inrepparttar 127962 Meta Tags and link text andrepparttar 127963 main body content ?

For Googlerepparttar 127964 keyword and description Meta Tags are supposed to be ignored. However a recent report by Jon Ricerca of entitled "Doesrepparttar 127965 Keywords Metatag Affect SE Ranking?" would seem to suggest that might not be true.

Inrepparttar 127966 first part of this article,repparttar 127967 Meta Tag's don't seem to matter sincerepparttar 127968 No.1 posn does not have them!

Next, a keyword inrepparttar 127969 visible link text and 2nd inrepparttar 127970 actual link URL to a page,repparttar 127971 href part.

Fromrepparttar 127972 Keyword Density Analyzer, Posn 1 has keyword's inrepparttar 127973 link text, but so do No's 19 & 30. No's 4 & 10 don't have keyword's inrepparttar 127974 link text.

Posn 1 also has a keyword inrepparttar 127975 link, but again so do No's 19 & 30 and both 4 & 10 don't.

Also on positions 10 & 19, No.10 beats 19 even though it has no keywords inrepparttar 127976 link text or link.

So far, No.10 beats No.19 even though they have almostrepparttar 127977 same keyword density. No 10 has a lower word count and no keywords in eitherrepparttar 127978 link text or link compared to No 19 which has both. So what'srepparttar 127979 missing factor/s that explain why No 19 has a lower ranking than No 10 when byrepparttar 127980 optimizer rules it should berepparttar 127981 other way around.

It's nothing to do with keywords inrepparttar 127982 title either, because they all have those.

What about keywords inrepparttar 127983 Alt tags, no its' not that either,repparttar 127984 only one that has those is No.4.

I do hope your following this so far !

Perhaps it's due to keywords inrepparttar 127985 body content, but No.19 has more than No.10, so it's not that. Let's not forget No.4 it has a lower keyword density than 10 or 19 but still manages to beat them both.

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