All About Google

Written by Courtney Heard

If you read The Search Engine Showdown at, you know Google is my favourite search engine. Why? Google always offersrepparttar most results for any given search (they currently have over 8 billion pages indexed), it's faster thanrepparttar 127830 Audi Quattro we test drove this morning, and 9 times out of ten, in my experience, allrepparttar 127831 front page results are relevant to my search. In fact, I usually find what I'm looking for withinrepparttar 127832 first few sites listed. I also really respectrepparttar 127833 fact that two college kids started it (kinda like Abalone!) and that those two college kids seem not to have forgotten where they came from. If you check outrepparttar 127834 images at Google's press center ( and scroll down torepparttar 127835 Everyday Life Inside Google section, you'll get a feeling that life at Google is fun.

Google isrepparttar 127836 most used search engine onrepparttar 127837 web. In May, 2004, 36.8% of all searches onrepparttar 127838 web were done using Google. Also during that month, Google powered 54% of all searches done onrepparttar 127839 web.

Google owes their success to their mind-boggling algorithm. This intricate formula sucks in a web page, considers its keyword density, its link popularity, domain name, how often it is updated,repparttar 127840 amount of content inrepparttar 127841 site, and a myriad of other things that few know and spits out a number called PageRank. There is absolutely no way to be sure how to get your site to number one on Google, but there are a few things that we know can help:

1. Make sure your site is well organized, visitor friendly and useful. Google seems to like sites that are listed inrepparttar 127842 Open Directory Project, and my theory is that it's becauserepparttar 127843 Open Directory Project is human edited. This means real human eyes have looked at each site that is included inrepparttar 127844 directory and deemed it useful in some way or another. If your site has a link on The Open Directory Project, you're onrepparttar 127845 right track.

2. Avoid "spamming". Spamming refers to many different things. If you add keywords to your site that are out of context or hidden from plain view, it's considered spamming. Resubmitting your site to Google can be looked upon as spamming. The basic principal is to make sure every page on your site is professional looking, clean, organized and has its own unique information to offer.

The Meta Tag Myth

Written by Bobby Heard

The morerepparttar better right? Wrong. At least when it comes to meta tags. The history ofrepparttar 127829 meta tag started off as a nice tool that web sites could use to showrepparttar 127830 search engines whatrepparttar 127831 site was about withoutrepparttar 127832 words showing up onrepparttar 127833 actual page. It seemed like a great idea until people started to abuserepparttar 127834 meta tag. They would add highly searched for keywords that were unrelated to their site in their meta tags in hopes of attracting additional traffic. The search engines caught on and loweredrepparttar 127835 importance of meta tags - they figured out that if they put more emphasis onrepparttar 127836 visible content of a site, people would have a much more difficult time "cheating". Turns out that they were right.

Now, donít get me wrong, meta tags still do carry some significance. They need to be consistent withrepparttar 127837 content of your site, but most importantly theyíre somewhat of a measure ofrepparttar 127838 legitimacy of your site. The most common myth when it comes to search engine optimization is thatrepparttar 127839 best meta tag isrepparttar 127840 one packed withrepparttar 127841 most information. This couldn't be further fromrepparttar 127842 truth.

The keyword meta tag has been abused more than any other meta tag and does not carry as much importance as most ofrepparttar 127843 others because of this reason. Most search engines only readrepparttar 127844 first few characters ofrepparttar 127845 tag, if they read it at all, because they know that most keyword meta tags are filled with spam - Justrepparttar 127846 same words repeated over and over. That is why itís important to get your most important keywords torepparttar 127847 front of your keyword meta tag.

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