All-time record of domain registrations

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The number of registered domains has reached an all-time high of more than 60 million domain names worldwide.

Figures show that country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) arerepparttar fastest growing market, while general demand for new domains remains strong. The most popular domains are stillrepparttar 108256 com-domains. The growth of com-domains is tremendous. Experts think, thatrepparttar 108257 growing sale of com-domains reveal a revival ofrepparttar 108258 "New Economy". Some experts even argue, that this growth of domain names is an early indicator of persisting economic growth inrepparttar 108259 USA andrepparttar 108260 whole world.

The com-domains remainrepparttar 108261 most popular domain with about a 45 percent market share.

New generic Top Level Domains outside of .com, .net and .org, become increasingly popular, including aero-domains, biz-domains, coop-domains, info-domains, museum-domains, .name-domains and pro-domains.

The net-domain - backbone of the web

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

The net-domain -repparttar backbone ofrepparttar 108255 web

We do not always realize, that figures are just quantity and can deceive about quality.

In spite ofrepparttar 108256 fact, thatrepparttar 108257 net-domain is onlyrepparttar 108258 No. 4 in terms ofrepparttar 108259 number of domain names registered, it works as a backbone ofrepparttar 108260 web.The net-domains buildrepparttar 108261 largest Top Level Domain by number of hosts, or machines connected torepparttar 108262 Internet. More than 44 percent of name servers use net-domains. We presume, that programmers and other technical experts have a more narrow emotional relationship to .net than to .com. Their sympathy for .net is

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