Aliens in Archaeology

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

As you read this book you will have to suspendrepparttar disbelief you feel when confronted with my assertions that for at least 5000 years man has been in close contact all overrepparttar 113479 world. If you have read my other books you will know I have maderepparttar 113480 case better than any and that there are lots of good scholars who agree with me.

Puma Puncu and Lake Titicaca may providerepparttar 113481 proof as a recent research team finally checks outrepparttar 113482 spires of ancient buildings that fishermen have tied their boats to for millennia. Here high inrepparttar 113483 Andes we know there were astronomers who also were in Central America whererepparttar 113484 Earth Energy Grid allowed something fantastic to dovetail with other places including Giza. The Cosmic energy and earth energy in concert with their soulful energy was able to build psycho-spiritual attunements that have only recently been sublimated by most nations or our leaders. Yet these leaders are members of cults or Christian Mystery Schools likerepparttar 113485 Rosicrucians who use this occult knowledge against us.

I think there is a great chance that it was well understood 15,000 years ago by Andean astronomers who were Kelts and later became Chachapoyas and leaders ofrepparttar 113486 Incas in a time when much ofrepparttar 113487 real knowledge had diminished. High aboverepparttar 113488 clouds they could seerepparttar 113489 Milky Way formation that looks like a serpent withoutrepparttar 113490 glass lenses that they got fromrepparttar 113491 slow moving lava flows and that have been found at La Venta in Mexico and in modern day Ecuador by archaeologists. Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Viracocha, Xolotl and others arerepparttar 113492 ‘travelers’ who I think I have proven are Druids through many sources in other books. Here is a little ofrepparttar 113493 Theosophist viewpoint onrepparttar 113494 serpent or Dragon wisdom that led Central America and included people boarding their kid’s heads to look like serpents.

“We read in The Secret Doctrine that fohat, divine messenger, intelligent cosmic electricity, who atrepparttar 113495 Divine Word proceeds forth to create worlds andrepparttar 113496 beings thereon, moves in a serpentine course, generates spirals; and this spiral plan of evolution is imitated throughout nature, fromrepparttar 113497 nebulae torepparttar 113498 spiral growth of plants. The serpent means divine wisdom, creative intelligence; and Masters of Wisdom are called serpents -- which gives a new meaning torepparttar 113499 injunction "Be ye wise as Serpents." Hermes or Mercury carriesrepparttar 113500 caduceus, a wand with two serpents entwined on a staff;repparttar 113501 Chinese maderepparttar 113502 serpentrepparttar 113503 emblem of their emperors;repparttar 113504 Druids called themselves snakes; serpent-emblems called Dracontia once coveredrepparttar 113505 globe and are still found; Quetzalcohuatl wasrepparttar 113506 snake-deity ofrepparttar 113507 ancient Mexicans; dragons are found throughout ancient symbology withrepparttar 113508 same sense. But we also hear of evil serpents. The Gnostics spoke of an Agathodaimon and a Kakodaimon, or a good and an evil divinity, represented as serpents; Hercules slays Python; Apollo at birth overcomes a serpent, but does it by means of another serpent --repparttar 113509 higher wisdom in man overcomingrepparttar 113510 lower. The two nodes ofrepparttar 113511 moon, Rahu and Ketu, are calledrepparttar 113512 Dragon's head and tail. Sorepparttar 113513 serpent can representrepparttar 113514 duality of human nature -- which is but a copy ofrepparttar 113515 duality in cosmos. A dual geometry may be based onrepparttar 113516 right and left helical curves. There isrepparttar 113517 serpent of spirit andrepparttar 113518 serpent of matter,repparttar 113519 heavenly wisdom from above andrepparttar 113520 earthly wisdom from below, of which Paul speaks so often.” (1)

The Greater Good

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

As man developed he needed to have forms of decision-making or government. The family unit or clan and ‘extended family’ may still berepparttar best form of government as Elders wisely chose to manage their people. The ‘paternalistic benevolent’ proponents today are very numerous and often seek to convincerepparttar 113478 masses that they are needed. Their Empire grows beyond even what they might have imagined possible inrepparttar 113479 days thatrepparttar 113480 Physiocrats first spoke about ‘the best government is that which governs least’; while in fact building greater inroads through technocrats in all forms or structures of government like their Alumbrados initiatives of previous centuries. I will have to referrepparttar 113481 reader to other books I have written if they doubt I can showrepparttar 113482 Jesuits were an outreach ofrepparttar 113483 same Hibernian efforts to growrepparttar 113484 Empire throughrepparttar 113485 likes of St. Bernard,repparttar 113486 Luciferian Loyola and other Inner Sanctum deviates. Todayrepparttar 113487 professional clubs or associations and lobbyists or other cronies are having a field day as people in certain sectors get ever more dribble or ‘Trickle Down’ fromrepparttar 113488 table-washings ofrepparttar 113489 elite Synarchists.

They have characterized Anarchy as something quiterepparttar 113490 opposite of what it is, They told us that Communism was a people based structure in Russia but that was never communism to begin with. It is Orwellian in nature as we see semantical designs develop War is Peace and Love is Hate almost on a daily basis. I love to userepparttar 113491 Bush phrase War on Terror orrepparttar 113492 Johnsonian War on Poverty as examples ofrepparttar 113493 Spin Doctor’s arts and artifices. War on Terra is how he sounds to be pronouncing it; and that often makes me wonder ifrepparttar 113494 Masons or Skull & Bones types who create religions like Mormonism are calling people Morons as they cause people to worship Moron-i. ‘I’ would have to be a ‘Moron’ to believe they did not have a chuckle or three at that.

Earth will need some Ascended Masters to take overrepparttar 113495 bodies of a few key world leaders soon if life hereon is to get throughrepparttar 113496 ethical issues presented by geometrically exploding technology, I fear. What is Karma?

Some philosophies will indeed equate Karma with The Law of Retribution orrepparttar 113497 vernacular phrase 'what goes around comes around' and there is truth in that. It is not karma but it was expunged from Catholic dogma withrepparttar 113498 ascendancy of Rome. Good Acts (Pelagius vs. Augustine) becamerepparttar 113499 domain of those you were encouraged to entrust your soul (estate and alms) to. Destiny and Salvation along withrepparttar 113500 later more refined Sins and Demons becamerepparttar 113501 way ofrepparttar 113502 program.

Scientifically we know there are dimensions of energy in all matter and all around us - evenrepparttar 113503 once thought to-be-vacuum is no vacuum at all. There is a limbo state of energy associated withrepparttar 113504 ego and personality that will possessrepparttar 113505 obsessed and make past life things seem to prove Karma as some 'Judgement Day' kind of potential for concern. But that limbo and astral state is just an energy field associated withrepparttar 113506 thoughts of humans. Some of those humans have become adept at manipulating what I call Constructs in this realm. Thus Kabalistic or other 'travelers' will findrepparttar 113507 tricks and traps arranged in these Constructs and come to a decision that they saw God or some other thing that was set there for them to see. This too is not Karma.

Inrepparttar 113508 various systems of thought throughoutrepparttar 113509 world man has made a lot of high-sounding attempts to differentiaterepparttar 113510 ONE-ness into dualistic or philosophical systems that can wend their way throughrepparttar 113511 Gordian Knot that these intellectual efforts have created. But just because reality does have law and structure does not mean that what we observe asrepparttar 113512 ways it has been formed in our physiological brain and its hemispheres orrepparttar 113513 Mind, Body and Soul (Triune Nature of Man) which becamerepparttar 113514 Holy Trinity, is in fact God or any thing other than science andrepparttar 113515 way energy creates structure. We do not benefit by thinking these structures are god (s).

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