Written by Robert Bruce Baird

"The possibility of a purely psychological explanation is illusory, for a large number of observations point to a natural phenomenon, or even a physical one - for instance, those explicable by reflections from 'temperature inversions' inrepparttar atmosphere. Despite its contradictory statements,repparttar 138408 American Air Force, as well asrepparttar 138409 Canadian, considersrepparttar 138410 sightings to be 'real', and have set up special bureaus to collectrepparttar 138411 reports. The 'disks', however,repparttar 138412 objects themselves, do not behave in accordance with physical laws but as though they were weightless, and they show signs of INTELLIGENT GUIDANCE such as would suggest quasi-human pilots. Yetrepparttar 138413 accelerations are so tremendous that no human being could survive them." -from Carl Jung, FLYING SAUCERS

Popular Mechanics from May, 2001 has a cover story that'll make you wonder. "WHEN UFOs LAND At long last, scientists have their hands onrepparttar 138414 proof skeptics say doesn't exist--physical evidence of flying saucers. *****The rich really are different. When Laurence S. Rockefeller--yes, those Rockefellers--wanted to know more about UFOs, he didn't have to satisfy his curiosity at alien-hunters' Web sites or inrepparttar 138415 Weird Science section of Barnes & Noble. He asked Peter A Sturrock,repparttar 138416 former director ofrepparttar 138417 Center for Space Science and Astrophysics at Stanford University, to convene a private meeting of a dozen top scientists atrepparttar 138418 Pocantico Conference Center, onrepparttar 138419 grounds ofrepparttar 138420 old Rockefeller family estate 20 miles north of Manhattan. Sturrock's guest list and agenda was noteworthy for its omissions. Bob Lazar, who claimed to have reverse-engineered UFOs at Area 5l, wasn't invited. Neither was alien-buster Philip J. Klass ofrepparttar 138421 Committee forrepparttar 138422 Scientific Investigation of Claims ofrepparttar 138423 Paranormal. Roswell,repparttar 138424 'face' on Mars and other familiar sightings got little attention. Instead, researchers from Princeton University, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, andrepparttar 138425 Center for Space Research in France focused on cases with more meat on their bones--sightings in which physical evidence was left behind. 'While their findings were not conclusive. I hope (they) will raiserepparttar 138426 level ofrepparttar 138427 debate.' Rockefeller said afterward.

‘Ask most scientists -what they think ofrepparttar 138428 UFO enigma and you will almost certainly get a scoff and a brushoff like, 'There's not one shred of evidence,' says Bernard Raisch, an astronomer with more than 100 scientific publications to his credit. 'That answer is simply not true. The problem is that this evidence does not follow our expected scientific logic, and so scientists dismiss what is, in fact a large number of accounts. Many sighting reports {Including Jimmy Carter.}, as absurd as they sometimes appear, are probably real. Most professional scientists never bother to look atrepparttar 138429 evidence. Instead,repparttar 138430 dogmatic dismissals by professional debunkers, which are often patently ridiculous, are simply taken at face value.'

As you will see for yourself, some ofrepparttar 138431 cases discussed at Pocantico are difficult for even die-hard skeptics to ignore. In 1957, a UFO reportedly exploded after hittingrepparttar 138432 water nearrepparttar 138433 town of Ubatuba, Brazil. Metallic debris collected by a physician, turned out to be composed of an extremely high grade of magnesium.

Recently declassified documents explain what it might have been. Duringrepparttar 138434 1960s,repparttar 138435 U. S. Air Force experimented with electrostatic drives. In theory, lift and propulsion can be created by imparting airframes with an electric charge that matches, and therefore repels,repparttar 138436 surrounding air. Such an aircraft would require enormous amounts of electric power, andrepparttar 138437 Air Force seemed to know how to create it. Other declassified documents revealrepparttar 138438 Air Force had built compact nuclear reactors small enough to fly on an aircraft. It had also experimented with a device known as a magnetohydrodynamic generator (MHD) to extract large amounts of electricity from a fast-moving stream of molten metal. Engineers familiar with such systems say that if MHD units were to become unstable, some ofrepparttar 138439 metal circulating inrepparttar 138440 unit would have to be ejected.

UFO investigators sent a portion ofrepparttar 138441 Ubatuba material torepparttar 138442 Air Force for analysis. It was 'accidentally' destroyed before tests could be completed. (Insets: A sample ofrepparttar 138443 Ubatuba debris examined under microscope revealed a higher level of purity than occurs in nature.)

POLICE CRUISER BLACKOUT Luis Delgado was a 28-year-old patrolman forrepparttar 138444 Haines City, Fla., police department when he became part of one ofrepparttar 138445 most compelling UFO sightings. It happened about 3:50 am, on March 19, 1992. Delgado noticed a rapidly descending green light in his rearview mirror as he drove down a street alongside a citrus grove. The light seemed to keep pace with his cruiser, until he slowed down. Thenrepparttar 138446 silent dome-shaped object flew overhead, filling his police cruiser with a brilliant green glow. He pulled to a stop, andrepparttar 138447 power in his vehicle went dead. Forrepparttar 138448 next several minutes he stood outside his car watchingrepparttar 138449 15-ft.-wide craft hover silently in front of him. It seemed to float about 10 ft. offrepparttar 138450 ground; coolingrepparttar 138451 surrounding air torepparttar 138452 point at which it formed a foggy mist {Tesla unified force field and extraction of earth energy?}. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it sped away. Delgado returned to his car, and foundrepparttar 138453 electrical system was again operating.

’The scientific panel was very impressed by cases in which electrical equipment was disrupted,' says Michael D. Swords, of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Mich. A conference participant at Pocantico, Swords told POPULAR MECHANICS that this type of encounter is far more common than most people realize. UFO investigator Mark Rodeghier ofrepparttar 138454 Center for UFO Studies in Chicago toldrepparttar 138455 conference at Pocantico that overrepparttar 138456 past 50 years more than 500 similar reports had been filed. What distinguishesrepparttar 138457 Delgado sighting isrepparttar 138458 inherent credibility ofrepparttar 138459 observer. As a police officer, Delgado had nothing to gain--and possibly a great deal to lose--by coming forward with his account.

TRANS-EN-PROVENCE For UFO investigators,repparttar 138460 most disappointing aspect ofrepparttar 138461 Delgado sighting isn'trepparttar 138462 absence of evidence, butrepparttar 138463 way evidence has been allowed to simply disappear through neglect. Samples ofrepparttar 138464 nearby road and vegetation were never collected. No radiation measurements ofrepparttar 138465 area were made.

UFO researchers in France takerepparttar 138466 scientific investigations of unexplained aerial phenomena more seriously than those inrepparttar 138467 United States. The Center for Space Research, France's counterpart to NASA, even has a team that swings into action when these types of events occur. The team is called GEPAN, afterrepparttar 138468 French acronym for Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena Study Group.

GEPAN investigator Jean-Jacques Velasco toldrepparttar 138469 Pocantico conferencerepparttar 138470 details of what is perhapsrepparttar 138471 most completely and carefully documented sighting of all time,repparttar 138472 Trans-en-Provence incident.

Renato Nicolai didn't think he had seen a UFO, but instead a secret military aircraft that had strayed from its test site. A contractor who had for about two years whenrepparttar 138473 episode occurred on Jan. 8, 1981, Nicolai was working on his terrace inrepparttar 138474 late afternoon when he heard a faint whistling. Inrepparttar 138475 distance he saw a lead-coloured object, about 5 ft. high, a bit wider in diameter, and shaped like a pair of inverted bowls, fall fromrepparttar 138476 sky. It came to a floating stop about 6 ft. aboverepparttar 138477 ground. Forrepparttar 138478 next half-minute he observedrepparttar 138479 object, and then watched it rise intorepparttar 138480 sky, creating a small trail of dust. 'When my wife came home inrepparttar 138481 evening, I told her what I had seen,' he said in his official report. 'My wife thought I was joking.' The following morning, he showed her where it had hovered andrepparttar 138482 two of them spotted circular traces it had left inrepparttar 138483 ground {Photos included.}. Neighbors suggested they tellrepparttar 138484 police. Throughrepparttar 138485 police, word reached GEPAN, which routinely checks to see whether such sightings are of a military activity or an aircraft. When both were rules out, GEPAN interviewed Nicolai and collected soil fromrepparttar 138486 area whererepparttar 138487 object had reportedly hovered. The mystery only deepened. There was black material mixed withrepparttar 138488 soil, but chemical analysis ruled out combustion residue, oil or concrete. Later analyses showedrepparttar 138489 soil had been contaminated with traces of metal, andrepparttar 138490 surrounding vegetation showed subtle damage.

London School of Economics

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

George Bernard Shaw and his mistress Florence Farr ofrepparttar Hermetic Order ofrepparttar 138270 Golden Dawn (the more ‘charmed’ circle) are of paramount interest to my research. When I see Shaw being supportive ofrepparttar 138271 communist effort and yet perhaps not fully aware ofrepparttar 138272 corporate nature of Bolshevism - I wonder. Especially so - when I see him operating withrepparttar 138273 Merovingian Bertrand Russell and being a founder ofrepparttar 138274 London School of Economics. Butrepparttar 138275 reader might have to read my books onrepparttar 138276 Physiocrats andrepparttar 138277 Hegelian Dialectic to get a fuller picture of these issues.

“LSE has a glorious history. Our founders Beatrice and Sidney Webb, George Bernard Shaw, and Graham Wallas worked with thinkers like Bertrand Russell to create an institution which could study human society, seek to understand and then improve it. Many social science subjects originated at LSE or were developed here. We can look at our past and see men and women who engaged with society and left a lasting contribution torepparttar 138278 world we live in.” (1)

There is no area of culture or media that is not used by social engineers and sophisticated manipulators. This is totally OK as far as I am concerned. I have no difficulty withrepparttar 138279 homogenization of culture as long as appreciation for ethnic art is maintained and it seems this can happen alongside that homogenization. But there is a larger ethical component to these efforts which are not exposed. The Black Ops programs that utilize all culture or fundrepparttar 138280 prevailing paradigm are serious matters of concern for me. But hey, whatrepparttar 138281 heck – I am just a paranoid nutcase eh? If one looks deep intorepparttar 138282 history ofrepparttar 138283 Saxons they will find this is a decidedly not ‘new’ World Order. Here is someone beating a Francophone tune that has to do withrepparttar 138284 google-izing force of Americanization orrepparttar 138285 New World Order proclaimed onrepparttar 138286 US dollar bill. “Jeanneney voiced his fear of what that meant forrepparttar 138287 representation of France and Europe. Here are some excerpts fromrepparttar 138288 letter published in Le Monde:

‘The real issue is elsewhere. And it is immense. It is confirmation ofrepparttar 138289 risk of a crushing American domination inrepparttar 138290 definition of how future generations conceiverepparttar 138291 world.’

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