Alcohol and Wedding Receptions—Everything You Will Need to Know

Written by Jean Bachcroft

Sure you want your guests to enjoy themselves at your wedding reception, but if you don’t want to breakrepparttar bank orrepparttar 144468 law here’s what you will need to know, including how to calculate how much to buy.

Unquestionably, one ofrepparttar 144469 hottest topics that must be dealt with when planning a wedding reception is whether to have an open bar or a cash bar. Why does this particular topic tend to be so controversial?

Well, for one thing, some people will tell you that it would be rude to invite guests to your reception, then ask them to pay for their own drinks. Onrepparttar 144470 other hand, an open bar—at which your guests drink for free, perhaps intorepparttar 144471 wee hours ofrepparttar 144472 morning if they last that long—could leave you with a bill that will forever remain etched in your memory.

Both points of view are well taken. It’s true that one wouldn’t ordinarily invite people to dinner or a party withrepparttar 144473 expectation that they will pay for what you serve. But it is equally true that people tend to be overly indulgent, not to mention downright wasteful, with alcohol they aren’t paying for. They will take a sip or two, set their glass down and begin talking, then walk away. Later, instead of returning for their glass, they will head forrepparttar 144474 bar to order yet another drink. So, what’srepparttar 144475 answer?

Options, Anyone

There really isn’t a correct answer, but there are options. You could:

*Serve free champagne punch. Since it is relatively light in terms of alcohol content, your guests aren’t as likely to become obnoxious, even if they’ve had more than their fair share.

*Have an open bar forrepparttar 144476 first hour or two. This approach will prevent you from feeling, and looking, like a cheapskate but will allow you to keep your bank account inrepparttar 144477 black.

*Have each table set to includerepparttar 144478 allocated bottles of wine or champagne. For example, a table seating six to eight people might be decked with two bottles of wine or champagne. Since you can expect each bottle to hold between 4 and six glassfuls, everyone will have one to two glasses for dinner andrepparttar 144479 toast. (Obviously, you will want to haverepparttar 144480 toast as early as possible to avoid an embarrassing situation in which guests will be forced to hold up empty glasses.)

*Userepparttar 144481 open-and-shut-case approach. This requires purchasing beer kegs or cases of good-quality beer, plus several cases of good-quality wine. Since you have purchasedrepparttar 144482 supply in advance, you will determine just how much is being spent on drinks.

For guests who insist upon drinking untilrepparttar 144483 cows come home or would like something stronger, make a cash bar available.

*Have waiters and waitresses serve drinks from a tray. This approach is not only stylish, it is also quite cost effective because you remain in control of how much is consumed.

Choose a few different drinks to be served, including beer and wine. Then haverepparttar 144484 staff circulate throughoutrepparttar 144485 reception area at pre-scheduled intervals. Perhapsrepparttar 144486 waiters and waitresses might offer drinks whenrepparttar 144487 reception starts, then just before or during dinner, then a few times later inrepparttar 144488 evening but not throughoutrepparttar 144489 night. With tray service, you guest will not pay for their drinks, but this will still be a lot cheaper than having an open bar.

At-home Receptions

If you are planning to have your reception in a home or backyard and you will not be using a caterer, here is what you will need to know.

In this situation, a cash bar is simply not one ofrepparttar 144490 available choices. It is againstrepparttar 144491 law to sell alcohol without a liquor license. (You wouldn’t want to spend your honeymoon inrepparttar 144492 pokey.)

Ifrepparttar 144493 home is not equipped with one, you will need a rented bar (or a sturdy table or two, dressed torepparttar 144494 floor or ground with linen). Plan to stockrepparttar 144495 bar or table(s) with beer, vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, cordials (liqueur), brandy, gin, wine, sparkling juice, and possibly punch.

Writing Wedding Vows –Ideas That Will Help You Express What You Truly Feel

Written by Jean Bachcroft

More and more, couples are choosing to write their own wedding vows. This seems to be especially true for second marriages. Although many people believe that this isrepparttar best way to truly express their personal beliefs and feelings, often they are unsure about how to begin and what to include. If you would like to write your own wedding vows, here are some tips for writing vows that pledgerepparttar 144397 love you truly feel.

Inform your clergyman early Ifrepparttar 144398 ceremony will be religious, letrepparttar 144399 clergyman know about your plans as soon as possible. If there are guide principles you will need to be aware of as you write your vows,repparttar 144400 sooner you know what they arerepparttar 144401 better. This is also a good way to avoid possible conflicts betweenrepparttar 144402 beliefs of your house of worship and your own personal beliefs. If there is some disagreement betweenrepparttar 144403 two, you may need to adjust your plans or wording, or perhaps look for another clergyman.

Ask Yourselves Fundamental Questions Once you’ve taken that first step, begin by asking yourselves questions. These may include: "What does marriage mean to us? Why are we marrying? What promises are most meaningful, and which ones are essential that we keep?

You may want to ask what words like love, honor, respect, faithfulness, forgiveness, honesty, fidelity, friendship, and trust mean to each of you. This exercise will help you to clarify your thoughts as well as express your true feelings toward each other, your expectations forrepparttar 144404 future, and your personal visions of your lives together inrepparttar 144405 future.

Focus on what’s unique

An essential element of personalizing your wedding vows is expressing what is unique aboutrepparttar 144406 other person. Think about how you see each other and write down as many ofrepparttar 144407 reasons for loving each other as you can verbalize. If your backgrounds are different, acknowledge this and promise to respect and honor your differences as well as your commitment to building bridges that will strengthen common grounds. If this is not a first marriage for one or both of you, you may want to talk about your faith in love andrepparttar 144408 bond that marriage creates between two people.

Don’t get too personal

Keep in mind that exchanging wedding vows is as serious as it is meaningful. Your goal should not be to make your vows sound cute or amusing. Also, avoid suggestive language or phrasing.

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