Alcohol and Events

Written by James Coakes

Naturally alcohol is an important part of many events. People associate having a few drinks with relaxation and enjoyment.

Obviously participants must not drink before taking part in dangerous activities, particularly motorised and shooting events. All insurance companies specify that no alcohol at all is taken before or during any such events. It is impossible to police a situation where people are allowed 'one or two' so usually soft drinks or tea and coffee is provided during activities. When activities have finished then teams typically head off for a barbecue or meal and then drinks.

Consumption of alcohol can be a problem on events and it is those drinking sessions which continue on intorepparttar early hours which are better avoided. If you have exclusive use of a bar area askrepparttar 149149 hotel to close it at a sensible time, say 11 p.m. If you don't have exclusive use then you can askrepparttar 149150 hotel to set up a separate area which you can control and say that drinks purchased in other public bars must not be charged torepparttar 149151 company account. This way you can also

Secret Grant Money!

Written by Sean Labrock

The art of researching, writing and being awarded grants has evolved into a competitive sport in recent years. There is one area, though, that gets very little attention.

These arerepparttar corporate grants that are offered by thousands of large and mid-sized companies aroundrepparttar 148966 United States andrepparttar 148967 world.

Did you know that Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and Allstate Insurance all offer grants? Itísrepparttar 148968 same with Microsoft, Sears and Sprint.

The list is ridiculous, and many completely overlookrepparttar 148969 immense opportunities in grants from private companies.

How to Find Them The website features twenty ofrepparttar 148970 largest companies offering corporate grants. The site also includes links torepparttar 148971 pages ofrepparttar 148972 company websites which explainrepparttar 148973 details and requirements for procuring one of these grants.

Even more can be found using clever search engine tactics.

How to Write Them Applying for corporate grants is a little different than applying for government grants. With corporate grants you may want to make your case on a more personal level.

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