Alaskan Halibut Fishing

Written by Rayboptions

If you are looking for a Great Fishing Adventure then you must go to Alaska and fish for Halibut. As you will see it’s more than just a fishing trip.

I recently went to Alaska (forrepparttar first time) to go Halibut fishing, and got much more than I had expected. After flying acrossrepparttar 116305 country in big jumbo jets, when you leave forrepparttar 116306 lodge from Juneau you go in a Float Plane or Sea Plane, as they are commonly known. I went in a single passenger Plane, justrepparttar 116307 Pilot and me sitting side by side. The flight torepparttar 116308 lodge takes you over and between many Mountains that are always Snow capped. You take off onrepparttar 116309 water and land onrepparttar 116310 water, if you have never done this before it’s a great experience all by itself.

Once atrepparttar 116311 Lodge (always Saturday) within a half-hour you have your License and are onrepparttar 116312 boat heading out to sea. Besidesrepparttar 116313 Halibut I caught Coho and King Salmon, Ling Cod, Red Snapper. The largest Halibut I caught was 140 pounds, King Salmon was 40 pounds, Coho Salmon was 15 pounds andrepparttar 116314 Ling Cod was 44 pounds. Work your muscles before you go because you will definitely be sore afterrepparttar 116315 first days fishing, you can userepparttar 116316 Hot Tub to relax after you return.


Written by jason head

Chapter 1 – RandymHeart (Game Play) (Readrepparttar following to players) (A) “My dearest Sarah; you may or may not approve of what I’m about to write to you but we made a point not to withhold secrets from one another, so here it is. I am having random thoughts about a certain other girl...actually she‘s not really a girl, of course a woman, but I guess she is extremely young...don’t get me wrong, I still think about you everyday, but I’ll be honest with you...those thoughts are not as numerous as they once were... and of course, I still love you, but I thought true love was forever...why can’t those feelings I had when I was still with you.... why can’t they be as strong a hundred years later? “ Whoop. Whoop. “Stass. Can you come up torepparttar 116304 bridge? There is definitely something you should see.” came a familiar voice overrepparttar 116305 vidcon. “Be up in a moment, Ran.” He turned offrepparttar 116306 screen and after shovingrepparttar 116307 journal under his pillow he strolled over torepparttar 116308 desk chair where his uniform was draped overrepparttar 116309 back and put it on. He took his time because he knew fromrepparttar 116310 sound of her voice that is was not an emergency, but neither was it something that could wait long. There was also excitement in her voice, which always puzzled him. In fact, emotion at all in her amazed him and he was very thankful for it. Fully dressed he made a quick glance outrepparttar 116311 window and noticed they were in shallow orbit around Loksii,repparttar 116312 main moon of Wirque. He made it a point to say something positive to Nargal for getting them here so quickly even if knew Nargal wouldn’t accept it. As he walked downrepparttar 116313 familiar corridor torepparttar 116314 bridge Gravtube he acknowledged every “Captain” or “Sir” from each crewmember. He was definitely pleased at how fastrepparttar 116315 ship’s crew had grownrepparttar 116316 past year; a necessity to take care ofrepparttar 116317 needs of allrepparttar 116318 Tellumi being transported home almost regularly now. He did not think he needed to add any staff, though...not yet. “Bridge”. The Gravtube began its short downward journey at his command. He felt nothing as it came to a stop andrepparttar 116319 doors opened revealingrepparttar 116320 true “engine” ofrepparttar 116321 RandymHeart. Various sized screens filledrepparttar 116322 room at different heights illuminatingrepparttar 116323 dimly lit room. From here Stassen and his crew could monitor every aspect of operation inside and outside RandymHeart. He felt most comfortable here simply because he spentrepparttar 116324 most time here. Here he also felt closer to Randym. Only Randym and Gillandi noticed he had arrived onrepparttar 116325 bridge. The others were staring atrepparttar 116326 largest viewscreen that extendedrepparttar 116327 length of 3 walls. It wasrepparttar 116328 planet Wirque and directly inrepparttar 116329 center was a colored icon that had been superimposed to indicate something. “Dahnga, what is that onrepparttar 116330 surface?” He asked. “Captain.” Domine said loud enough for all onrepparttar 116331 bridge to hear. Everyone came to attention except Nargal who continued to observerepparttar 116332 object through powerful sensors. “You may not believe this sir, but our low frequency scans indicate we’ve located a small concentration of Methon in one ofrepparttar 116333 mines.” She exclaimed. “If I can’t believe my second in command who can I?” mused Stassen. “I always wondered ifrepparttar 116334 Mahoo universe wasrepparttar 116335 only place it could be found. Are you sure it’s Methon?”

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