Alaska glacier cruises: Alaska up close and personal

Written by Ron Richards

What do you have in mind for your next vacation? Are you planning another trip torepparttar same tired beach that you visit every year or an "adventure" to a controlled, commercialized theme park? If so, I have a suggestion for you: Alaska glacier cruises. What if I told you that you could do something truly unique and adventurous, something thatrepparttar 141007 whole family would love? What if I told you that there was a family cruise destination so breathtakingly beautiful and teeming with wildlife that you could spend days captivated atrepparttar 141008 rail of a cruise ship and still not get enough? Would you be interested? Sure you would. Few people have visited Alaska without having been changed byrepparttar 141009 experience. Much ofrepparttar 141010 terrain consists of gorgeous, formidable glaciers and ice fields which cover over 5% of Alaska's land surface. This natural beauty can be seen from many top tourist destinations of Alaska including Juneau, Valdez, Seward andrepparttar 141011 Matanuska Valley, but is usually only fully appreciated with an up close and personal view that only a cruise throughrepparttar 141012 inland waterways can afford. From this vantage point you will stand spellbound by tidewater glaciers that reach over 100 ft. in height andrepparttar 141013 antics of wildlife such as humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, dolphins, brown bears and bald eagles In Alaska, there is a multitude of attractions that will keep you coming back for more. Cruiserepparttar 141014 smooth inland waterways of Alaska and come surprising close torepparttar 141015 sheer ice faces of these magnificent, natural phenomenons; port at luxuriant destinations complete with fine dining and unique entertainment; and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Escape the Asphalt Jungle: Retire, Relocate or Purchase a Second Home in Chesapeake Bay Country

Written by Elaine VonCannon

Do you loverepparttar beach, but haterepparttar 140983 crowds, traffic, and overpopulation of resorts that attract hordes of tourists? Why not consider Chesapeake Bay Country as repparttar 140984 place to relocate, retire or buy a second home instead? Located just 2 - 2 1/2 hours outside of Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia or and an hour from Richmond, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay country is one ofrepparttar 140985 best kept secrets about coastal Virginia. It's still rural enough for solitude and close enough to metropolitan areas like Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg to provide culture and entertainment nearby.

The Chesapeake Bay area was actually settled inrepparttar 140986 1600's and is rich with history. Some ofrepparttar 140987 best seafood restaurants are found in Gloucester, Gloucester Point, Matthews and Gwynn's Island becauserepparttar 140988 restaurants obtain fresh local catches of fish, oysters, scallops and blue crabs. Homes with boat docks and waterfront property abound because tidal rivers that lead torepparttar 140989 Chesapeake Bay slicerepparttar 140990 land. Buildrepparttar 140991 estate you've always dreamed about on agricultural land - always for sale. If you want to relocate, retire or buy a second home in Chesapeake Bay country,repparttar 140992 time is now. Join me for a short journey throughrepparttar 140993 best of Chesapeake Bay Country.

West Point West Point Virginia is located six miles off Interstate 64 between Richmond and Williamsburg and has a population of roughly 2,900 people. Property tax rates are low compared to more congested areas of Virginia. Many families want to live in West Point, becauserepparttar 140994 school district is so outstanding it falls withinrepparttar 140995 top 10 school districts of Virginia each year. West Point is a quiet Southern town, with some stunning 19th and early 20th Century architecture inrepparttar 140996 historic district. West Point is located atrepparttar 140997 place whererepparttar 140998 Mattoponi and Pamunky Rivers joinrepparttar 140999 York River. Once you crossrepparttar 141000 bridge on Route 33 you enterrepparttar 141001 Upper Peninisula and Northern Neck, borderingrepparttar 141002 Chesapeake Bay.

Gloucester & Gloucester Point Acrossrepparttar 141003 York River from historic Yorktown, (an alternate route to Gloucester is to take Route 33 from West Point) Gloucester and Gloucester Point are towns that are slowly increasing in population. Here you will find waterfront property that has been utilized by waterman since Colonial times. Many ofrepparttar 141004 waterfront properties were once plantations or home to Native Americas. Average homes for middle class families are numerous in this area. Choice real estate alongrepparttar 141005 river is available infrequently, and comes at a premium price.

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